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You can do flips on a trampoline, on a ledge, against a brick wall, on the grass, at home, in the city, outside, inside. Flipping is for people who find flips dope! Flipping (in contrary to parkour) is master in one particular skill: flips. People find flipping sick because of the many options within the skill. There always seems to be room for improvement and even more dope challenges in flipping. There are many sorts of cool tricks you can do incorporating flips so check them out in CityLegends!


In CityLegends you can find cool flipping posts, battles and spots. The number of flippers on the app has grown a lot over the past months. Flipping complements the other skills in the app very well. Flipping has real daredevils and the urban CityLegends community loves these dope challenging tricks that they perform. Flipping brings a sense of recklessness to the app which encourages the community and puts flipping in the spotlight as a serious urban sport in CityLegends.


These spots are CityLegends spots where flipping can be practiced best. These spots are all over the world. The reason we want to show off these spots is because we want to show that flipping is a sport that doesn't seem to be very ‘out there’ but there are a lot of possibilities where to do flipping. After all flipping is very fun and more and more people are looking for extra spots to have fun!

Picture 1.png
Picture 1.png


This hall is a good flipping spot to do all kinds of stuff! From trampolines and climbing walls that everyone can handle, to the most extreme parts with big jumps for the experienced athletes. For anyone doing flipping or parkour, check it out!

Picture 2.png


Salto trampoline arena in France is the first trampoline park of the Alpes-Maritimes installed since 2014. The park is only 15 minute walk from the Mouans-Sartoux train station. With more than 1000m² of trampolines there is a lot of flipping to do!

Picture 4.png
Picture 3.png


This unique outdoor park started in 2021. Besides Flipping, it is also a great spot to do skateboarding, gymnastics, parkour and other urban sports. The location of the park is next to the artificial grass at Mossängen.

Picture 4.png


When you think about jumping or flipping, you may think about the ordinary field trampoline. At Jump XL jumping goes beyond the normal field trampolines. They have a big variety of materials such as: a jump Tower, a Dodge Ball Area and a lot of different trampolines. Flip away!

Picture 5.png
Picture 5.png


Maxxarena is a big indoor trampoline park where you can go crazy when it comes to flipping. The park is not only for flipping but you can do a lot of other stuff like climbing. Flippers in CityLegends Love this place!

Picture 6.png


Ultimate Air is an indoor trampoline park. In the park you can find a lot of different trampolines to try acrobatic tricks on. The park itself is a giant building where trampolines are scattered side-by-side throughout the room. Some of the trampolines an angled end, practice your sickest flips here!


NAME: Jesse Heffels

AGE: 25

ORIGIN: Roermond, The Netherlands

INSPIRATION: I started flipping because I used to do gymnastics all the time. In 2016, when I saw someone posting videos on instagram of his flips on the trampoline, I decided to start posting my own freestyle flips on instagram. From there, I rolled into the social media world and continued with the sport in it.

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Jesse Heffels

NAME: Jett Hardman

AGE: 15

ORIGIN: Brisbane, Australia

INSPIRATION: Why I love the sport: I stumbled upon a backflip tutorial on YouTube and decided to give it a try, then started teaching myself new tricks. As I progressed further I fell in love with flips, and a bit over 2 years later I flip almost everyday.

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Jett Hardman

NAME: Vaclav

AGE: 17

ORIGIN: Czech Republic

INSPIRATION: I have loved my sport since childhood. I fell in love with my sport because of the fluidity of the execution. The sport fulfills me.

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