You can do flips on a trampoline, on a ledge, against a brick wall, on the grass, at home, in the city, outside, inside. Flipping is for people who find flips dope! Flipping (in contrary to parkour) is master in one particular skill: flips.


a fusion of artistry

People find flipping sick because of the many options within the skill. There always seems to be room for improvement and even more dope challenges in flipping. In CityLegends you can find cool flipping posts, battles and spots. The number of flippers on the app has grown a lot over the past months. Flipping complements the other skills in the app very well. Flipping has real daredevils and the urban CityLegends community loves these dope challenging tricks that they perform.

connection with

Flipping brings a sense of recklessness to the app which encourages the community and puts flipping in the spotlight as a serious urban sport in CityLegends.