How to do a front flip

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Want to do a front flip and are you new to parkour? Or just always wanted to know how to do a front flip? Welcome! With these basic steps you're about to become a front flipping machine. In this blog, we're breaking down the front flip for beginners step-by-step. With these tips you’ll know how to do a front flip and how to master them in urban terrain. Get ready to build your parkour skill and flip your way to the top!

The front flip

The front flip is a mind-blowing move that demands strength, agility, and style. It’s not clear when it was invented. Most likely it was created by ancient rock climbers and divers. Now, (front) flips are a great part of parkour. So, it’s an important and fun skill to learn. Let’s take your parkour skills to new heights and unlock the front flip.


The basics: start small

Start by perfecting your landings, practicing basic jumps, honing your strength and flexibility. Once you've mastered these foundations, you're ready to tackle the front flip. It's all about progression, building confidence, and pushing your limits. Practice on a trampoline, grass, or any soft base first and check out your essential gear.


Front flip

Front flip tutorial: Breaking it down step-by-step

  1. Find a safe practice area with plenty of space to land.
  1. Stand tall, take a deep breath, and visualize yourself executing the front flip.
  1. Begin with a slight crouch, launch yourself by pushing off the front of your feet.
  1. As you go up, tuck your knees up close to your chest like a human cannonball.
  1. Initiate a forward rotation, flipping through the air. Don’t chicken out! That’s when a flip goes wrong.
  1. Prepare for landing by extending your legs and spotting your landing target.
  1. Like a cat, land softly absorbing the impact through your legs and knees.

Expert practice tips: How to master flips

Now you know the basics of the front flip. Ready to master it?

  1. Start with proper warm-up exercises to prevent injuries and prepare your body for action. Like roll overs on grass.
  1. Build confidence by practicing on soft surfaces like grass or padded areas before going concrete. A hill is your best friend when practicing front flips. You have more time to land.
  1. Familiarize yourself with the urban terrain, scanning for potential obstacles or hazards.
  1. When flipping in urban environments, stay in control and adapt to the surroundings safely.
  1. Film yourself to review and analyze your technique, keeping track of your progress and post it on CityLegends!

Urban terrain

Next step: Flipping on urban terrain

Flipping on urban terrain is where you truly embrace the spirit of parkour. Take a look at these tips to become a parkour legend:

  1. Scout for unique urban features like walls, railings, or platforms to add flair to your flips.
  1. Explore your surroundings and step out of your comfort zone to find exciting new spots.
  1. Be mindful of pedestrians, traffic, and your surroundings when flipping in busy areas.
  1. Experiment combining flips and vaults.
  1. Finally let your imagination flow and create your own flows in urban terrain.


You did it: Flip like a master

You're now equipped with the knowledge and courage to begin your front flip journey. Embrace your practice terrain, master the front flip, and let your flips become better. Doing flips in urban terrain like a freerunner is always more fun. Incorporate flips to make your lines more awesome. Stay safe and keep pushing your boundaries when doing parkour!