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As a community platform, we want to realize community initiatives. Only some initiatives or projects lack money, some are forgotten or some are just not seen as important. We want to change this with the street fund.

Street fund
Rauw Helmond

We came across a group of enthusiasts, pushing hard to build an indoor skatepark in Helmond. After striving for six (!) years, the city finally took notice. With our street fund, we made the park 'skate-ready' again! Get to shredding in RAUW, Helmond!

Street fund
Ohlay Spot Throwdown

OHLAY hosted a sick spot throwdown in May 2024. With tons of prizes, a €2500 cash pool and sick tricks, we can easily say it was a big succes. Check out the recap video!

Street fund
Barcelona Street Jam 2024

We sponsored world's biggest scooter street jam! Spots were shown through CityLegends. And of course we couldn't go without a fail challenge. The best fail won €100 and some pretty bad headaches!

Street fund
BeNeScoot 2024

The Dutch and Belgian Championships Scoot were hosted in Rotterdam this year. And it was bigger and better than ever before! The event was full of adrenaline, sick tricks and the best vibe. Already curious how they're gonna match this level next year!

Street fund
Winterclash 2024

We had the privilege to sponsor another Winterclash edition! This time, we went with the whole CityLegends team. And let us tell you, it was SICK! See you at Winterclash 2025 ;).

Street fund
Beatricks 2023

The in 2023 renovated skatepark in Almere was ready for an event. The community felt it was time! Skaters came from everywhere out of the country to pay a visit and show their best trick. With live graffiti and a BBQ, this day was a blast.

Street fund
Waalhalla Step Contest 2023

With the craziest obstacles Waalhalla has to offer, this promised to be a spectacular show for both the competitors and the audience. And boy oh boy, this was a great show! We're stoked to have been a part of it.

Street fund
Barcelona Street Jam 2023

We were part of a super grand scooter event, the Barcelona street jam. With clips from the jam, there was competition for the €100 prize in CityLegends. The after movie is by OHLAY Brand!

Street fund
Winterclash 2023

Winterclash has been around since 2005. After 18 years, the event stands stronger than ever. Always a pleasure to sponsor such initiatives! Check out the aftermovie and spot CityLegends ;).

Street fund
Loose Ankles Xmas Jam 2023

The second edition of the Loose Ankles Christmas jam! It truly was a blast. It was a skate only event. But nonetheless, everyone was more than welcome to come take a look. Hopefully a third edition will take place, cause the vibes were insane! Make sure to watch the aftermovie on their Instagram @loose.ankles.

Street fund
Plastic Pushers 3 - Video Production

After the event in 2022, in 2023 we got to help out with the video production of plastic pushers. Watch the full edit on the right!

Street fund
Waalhalla BMX Jam

For this annual jam, BMX riders from all over the world come to Waalhalla in Nijmegen. What's so special about this event? Every year you get challenged by an obstacle. This year we sponsored a boat to Waalhalla. You read that right, a boat! Go big or go home!

Street fund
Plastic Pushers Street Battle 2022

Plastic Pushers has organized the Amsterdam Street Battle in 2022. An insane event for inline skaters. Check out the sick edit!

Street fund
Eindhoven Street Jam 2022

Eindhoven Street Jam was ready for some action. The scoot community showed their street skills throughout sick spots in Eindhoven. We also sponsored the 2023 edition!



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