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Parkour, a movement discipline that embraces the urban landscape as its playground. Often practiced in parks and city settings, parkour involves traversing obstacles with graceful efficiency, blending athleticism and creativity. Geared towards beginners and experts alike, this dynamic art form demands no equipment except your own body. From gravity-defying tricks to breathtaking leaps, parkour enthusiasts showcase their skills that celebrate the boundless spirit of freedom and self-expression.

Discover valuable information about parkour and freerunning parks, spots, and gyms near you. Find the perfect places to unleash your creativity, push your limits, and experience the world of parkour and freerunning right here!

As an urban community platform; parkour is the fast-growing adventurous sport which adds dope challenges to the community. They have been a solid voice within CityLegends since the start and we respect the impact they make in the app. There aren't many parkour clubs, CityLegends is the place where they can show off their skills, battle with the community and map their own parkour spots. Parkour is a skill which connects different skills like flipping, which makes parkour an urban community sport. 

In the world of parkour, the mantra is simple: minimal gear, maximum freedom. Unlike many other sports, parkour requires very little equipment to get started, it's mostly just your body. Other than that, you could use some pants and shoes which aren't restrictive and allow you to get the right movement. We will take you through the benefits of using the right gear for the ultimate parkour experience.

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