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It's our mission to build the most engaged community of street athletes and artists. Therefore, we take a proactive role in building this community. We strive to empower the scene to become deeply engaged. 

CityLegends legacy
CityLegends tournament

We engage and empower the community through challenges and tournaments. A place to show your skills and build legacy. Bond with the scene, organize jams, find the best spots. Battle your ass of and win sick prizes. Check some of the activities here

Other than fierce battles, we want to provide you with all the ins and outs you may need and possibly can imagine about urban. This contains articles on how to do certain tricks, what gear you need, where to find the best spots to practice your skill. There's many more to come.

Written an article you want to be published on our website? Let us know and we can collaborate!

Street Fund

Want to realize an initiative, project or jam for the urban community, but do you lack money? We can help you. We would like to contribute to initiatives that will have a major impact. Let us give you some more info on our Street Fund.


Check some of the initiatives that we've already sponsored right here


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