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BMX is a way to move and be creative in the urban scene. They are true legends of the city by challenging skaters and other urban sports by using their terrain to do their own tricks. BMX’ers are very skilled, by easily taking on big ramps because of their trust in their buddy: BMX. You can find: clips, spots or challenges of BMX in CityLegends!  More and more youngsters are getting the hang of the BMX which promises a very exciting future for the urban sport.


CityLegends is a platform for BMX because the urban sport adds to the CityLegends community very well. We stay connected with BMXers because they are mostly young, goofy and are a part future of CityLegends. You can spot more and more BMXer in the urban scene which is dope! The community is connected in their similarity of out of the box thinking and moving. We as a platform want to inspire beginning and advanced BMXers but also take inspiration from them.


BMX spots have a connection with other urban sports spots almost all of the time. This is because BMX is an urban sport and it is easy to do dope tricks everywhere.  BMX'ers also have the freedom of travelling further than most of the skills in our app because of their mobility, which makes spots an awesome feature for the sport. These are places where BMX'ers can show their stuff best and explore their abilities.

Skatehalle Osnabrück


This colourful building covered in art is an indoor skate park that can be used by: inliners, scooters, BMX and skaters. It is located in Osnabrück, Germany. A great spot in CityLegends!

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Area51 Eindhoven


In Eindhoven, the Netherlands lies Area51. At area 51 the staff creates opportunities for different disciplines to meet and ensure talent development. They are strong in the urban scene in Eindhoven and want to expand their impact!

Dope right?

Ongravity Marineda


In Ongravity’s more than 2,600 m²: riders, gymnasts, skaters, freeskiers, snowboarders, BMX bikers, inliners and free runners can develop their tricks with maximum safety. This park is for everyone, that makes it a great spot in our app. Check it out!

The House Skatepark


The House skatepark is a large, all-wooden skatepark set up in a warehouse on a river in Sheffield. The park has a street section and a transition section. The main attraction of The House skatepark is their street section where BMX can do their dope tricks best!

The Park Geelong


The Park Geelong is a locally owned and operated venue which opened on the 23rd of June 2013. It is home to the largest indoor skatepark in Australia and is the largest indoor Vert Ramp in the Southern Hemisphere! The Park has been designed to be Australia’s mecca of BMX and other urban sports. How sick?!

Cosanostra Skatepark


In order to promote a safe practice open to all levels, the developers of Cosanostra skatepark have built and fitted out modules entirely in wood! The skatepark has in 2000 m2 of sports space, enough for your best BMX tricks!


NAME: Oriol Inglada

AGE: 26

ORIGIN: Barcelona, ES

INSPIRATION: I’ve been riding for a while now, since 2012, my favorite part of content creation is motivate the young kids to live outside and have fun as I do.

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Oriol Inglada

NAME: Mark Bosman

AGE: 19

ORIGIN: Nijmegen, NL

INSPIRATION: My friend down the street who practiced BMX inspired me to get into the sport!

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Mark Bosman

NAME: Emerson Chaves Hernández

AGE: 26

ORIGIN: Costa Rica

INSPIRATION:  I started at the age of 14 and I fell in love with Street BMX when I saw a video of the legendary Garrett.

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Emerson Chaves Hernández

NAME: Michael Beaufort

AGE: 15

ORIGIN: Nuenen, NL

INSPIRATION: I always loved doing tricks on my school bike, scooter or skateboard. When I was 9 years old I bought my first BMX bike and started riding.

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Michael Beaufort
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