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Scootering on ramp


Scootering, an urban sport that electrifies the cityscape with its exhilarating rides. Thriving in the bustling streets and skateparks, scootering is all about harnessing the thrilling fusion of speed and agility. Open to riders of all levels, this high-energy sport requires nothing more than your trusty scooter. From jaw-dropping stunts to fluid maneuvers, scooter enthusiasts showcase their prowess, embodying the vibrant essence of urban exploration and personal style. Join us as we dive into the world of scootering, where the city becomes a canvas for exhilarating self-expression.

Find information about scooter parks and spots near you. Find the perfect places to be creative, push your limits, and experience the world of scootering right here! We've also posted a lot of spots for skateboarding which are perfect for scootering, check those out as well!

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Scooter attracts us because it is an urban sport with many possibilities. We want to help scooter kids (and adults) to have a platform which includes these talented people. Finding connection with likeminded people is one of the main reasons CityLegends is a thing. We all want to inspire each other to make a great engaged urban community. Since many of them are young, we guide them with activities within the app to have the most fun! We work with people of the scene to create the best experience urban athletes can have. This is why users post so much dope stuff, to be part of the community.

Good scootering gear is the cornerstone of safety and performance in this urban sport. Whether you're cruising through the streets or attempting daring tricks, having the right equipment can make all the difference. In the world of scootering, investing in top-notch gear isn't just a choice; it's a vital step towards a safer and more exhilarating experience on two wheels!

Scooter gear
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