Scooter spots in Hollywood

Emmy Schouten

Hollywood is way more than just the movies! It has one of the coolest urban communities in LA. Some of the nicest spots are hidden away in the streets of Hollywood. In this blog, we’ll show you where to find the best scooter spots!

Hollywood sign

Hollywood High

Hollywood High is a legendary urban spot within the community. The 16-stair has made quite a name for itself. It is one of the biggest challenges in the whole West-Coast. This massive obstacle is complete with rails in the middle and concrete on the side. Would you try some scooter tricks of these stairs? Don’t worry if you’re not on that level yet! Hollywood High has other obstacles too if you’re looking for a less scary ride ;). There are multiple smaller stair-sets on the campus. All of these are made of smooth concrete, prefect to ride. Most of them are 3- 6- or 9-stairs. It is super suitable for all skill-levels. They come with some nice ledges as well! You can try and incorporate these in your line. If you want the place to yourself, visit after 4PM. Almost everybody will be gone by then. Make sure to go before it gets dark! That way you can actually see where to spin and grind ;).

Santa Monica Boulevard - Ridgewood

This next spot is located in a lot on Santa Monica Boulevard and North Ridgewood. You can easily spot it by the colourful graffiti. The whole place is drenched in the sickest art. But that’s not all! It has gaps, ledges, banks, flats and walls. It is a dream for some scooter stunts. The two block gap is amazing. Just the perfect height, and way longer than others normally. This makes it super easy to take on. Even beginners can try out this obstacle! It has a smooth surface on top, but the ground is slightly rougher. Keep this in mind for your landing. That way you wont go headfirst into the dust ;). Definitely try this out if you’re looking for some airtime!

Tip: Do you want more beginner friendly tricks before visiting this spot? Check out this page!

Santa Monica graffiti

West-Hollywood Park

Another great street spot is West-Hollywood Park! Just a little bit farther, but definitely worth a visit. The tennis court there has the smoothest ledges. Everything is newly renovated and super fresh. It will make for the perfect grind! Even better is the amount of rails in the park. There are hand and flat rails everywhere. Most of them are just below waist-length. Near the plant pots are some great ledges too. You can easily hit a board slide here or try out a stall! Make sure to post your favourite clips on CityLegends. That way you can own your favourite spots!

Explore Hollywood

Time to explore these spots! Make sure to gear-up before visiting with the right stunt scooter wheels, decks and helmets. Unsure of what scooter gear to get? We’ll help you in this blog :).