Gear up: 7 essential scooter gear

Lilly Pennings

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Gear is the most important aspect of any sport. Be safe and equip yourself with the right stuff. Gear is important for safety and functionality reasons. Ready to hit the concrete jungle and unleash your scooter skills? Well, hold onto your handlebars ;). Because we've got the ultimate guide with 8 essential scooter gear elements that will take your ride to the next level.

Geared up kid
  1. Helmets that mean business - Safety first! Protect that head with a high-quality helmet designed specifically for scooter riders. Look for features like impact resistance and proper ventilation to keep you cool and protected.
  1. Rock solid knee pads - When you're pulling off sick tricks, your knees take the heat. Gear up with knee pads that are tough enough to handle your sickest stunts while providing maximum comfort and flexibility.

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  1. Elbow guards - Don't let those inevitable slips and slides ruin your flow. Strap on some elbow guards that won't quit. Look for durable padding and adjustable straps to keep them in place no matter what.
  1. Tough shoes - Your feet need some love too and regular kicks won't cut it on the scooter scene. Opt for shoes with flat soles and ample grip to help you stick those landings and maintain balance while riding.
  1. Ankle supports for stability - Keep those ankles strong and sturdy with supports that provide the stability you need for those intense rides. Look for adjustable straps and comfortable cushioning to minimize the risk of straining or twisting. This one is optional but would still recommend.
  1. Protective clothing – Pro scooter dudes don't mess around, so make sure you gear up from head to toe. Sleeves, pants and even padded jackets can protect you from scrapes and bruises during those wipeouts.
  1. Backpack for the essentials - You need to carry your essentials while riding, right? Get yourself a lightweight and durable backpack with enough space for your water bottle, tools, spare parts, and anything else you need on the go. This one is optional when stunting indoors. But while cruising it comes in handy.

Essential gear done

So, there you have it. 8 scooter gear essentials. Get equipped with this gear and be rolling like a street legend in no time. Remember, safety always comes first. So don't be a fool, gear up like a boss. When fully equipped and ready, make sure to record some cool scooter clips. Post them on CityLegends to win battles, challenges, tournaments and maybe even some cash! See you on the streets.