How to do a kickflip

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Ready to up your game as a skater? Look no further! We'll walk you through the basics of mastering the legendary kickflip. This step-by-step tutorial will have you mastering this famous skate trick. It’s nice to have a bit of experience in skateboarding before you try this trick. Looking for easy tricks? Check out 5 easy skate tricks for beginners. Get ready to level up your street cred.  

What is a kickflip?

People often ask, can you do a kickflip? But what is it? A kickflip is a skateboarding trick where you flip the board 360 degrees while performing a jump. So, a kick and a flip. Sounds awesome right? It is, when done right a kickflip is one of the coolest tricks out there.

Safety first: gear up

Shred the streets safely. Before trying the kickflip, make sure you're wearing gear. The no.1 priority being safety gear. Equip yourself so you don’t harm yourself or others while skateboarding. Check out your must-have skate gear here.


How to do a kickflip

Step 1: Stance

Stand on your board with the ball of your back foot on the tail and your front foot angled diagonally near the bolts. Make sure you’re steady and ready to trick.

Step 2 kickflip

Step 2: Pop and flick

Use the ball of your back foot to kick down on the tail and pop it up. At the same time, flick your front foot off the edge of the board towards the nose. This hot move will create the spin – the flip – of the board. Now you’re prepared to jump.


Step 3: Jump and suck

As the board flips, jump off your back foot and suck your knees up towards your chest. Now you’ve got some airtime. Avoid messing with the board, otherwise landing will be harder. It’s the safest option to let your board to the work.

Flick the skateboard

Step 4: Catch the board

Keep an eye on the skateboard as it flips. As it comes around, extend your front foot to catch it. Get ready to land with the right position of your feet (check step 5). Otherwise, you’ll probably face plant.

Step 5: Land the board

As the board meets your feet, land with both feet on the bolts. Sick! You just landed a kickflip. Upload a clip of your kickflip to CityLegends and win a battle, challenge, or tournament!

Land the board

Pro kickflip tips

Tips from our (CityLegends) skaters.

Tip 1:  Start small

Hold onto something when practicing this trick (like a small fence). Then you can master moving your board and feet without falling (you’re welcome)! Also, start on a flat surface before attempting the kickflip while riding or on a ramp.

Tip 2:  Foot placement

Make sure your front foot is slightly angled towards the nose of the board for a smooth flick. You have a better chance of success this way. Focus on airtime by kicking the board fast.


Tip 3: Hype each other up

It helps to skate with a bro. Sometimes you want to give up. Your friends or other skaters won’t allow you to do so. With encouragement you’ll master a trick faster, it’s a key factor to motivation.

Tip 4: Just do it

Just dive in and try the kickflip. Just do it. It’s the best way to master this trick. This trick will need a lot of patience and practice. Don’t give up on the kickflip. Mastering this trick will be worth the effort.


Conclusion: It's your turn now

With this 5-step guide and extra pro tips you know how to do a kickflip. Follow these steps and tips and you’ll be able to do a kickflip in no time. It’s now your turn to do this trick until you master it. Shred the streets with this cool trick. It’s your turn to make the most out of skateboarding with CityLegends. Looking for spots to skate? Check CityLegends. Looking to battle with your kickflip clip? Check CityLegends and win.