Get equipped: must-have skate gear

April 9, 2024

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When skateboarding, you need gear. Skate gear are the essentials of skateboarding. This blog will help you get equipped with must-have skate stuff. It’s very important to feel good and safe on your board. The way to do so is with skate gear. Skateboarding gear will enhance your performance, keep you safe, and reflect your style. So, let's dive in and check out the essential skateboarding gear.


Skate deck

Skateboard deck: The core of your skate gear

A high-quality skateboard deck is the core of your gear. Choosing the right size (ranging from 7.75" to 8.5" in width) is important for a good position on your board. Choose a deck with room for movement and one which feels good. Many street artists create awesome art on skate decks. If you’re into that, there are loads of cool options to choose from. Even better, create art on the deck yourself and post it in CityLegends. This way you can add your creativity in shredding the streets.


Trucks: Skate gear with stability and control

Equip trucks next. Trucks connect your skateboard deck to the wheels. This gives stability and mobility. They create movement and are essential for your skate gear if you want to move and turn. Aligning your trucks with your deck is crucial for control, balance and crazy tricks. Investing in high-quality trucks is a must for a smoother skateboarding experience. So, gear up and get trucks.


Wheels: Gear that rolls

Wheels, the part that makes the deck move. First, choose your size. Ranging from 50-54mm for street skateboarding. Small wheels offer speed, bigger wheels provide stability. It’s up to you which you like more, for beginners maybe choose to start with bigger wheels. Don’t forget the hardness of the wheels (around 99A for street skating). Hard skate wheels are responsive, slide easy, and hold speed on all surfaces. Find wheels that suit your style and terrain best. Now you’re ready to roll.

Boy wearing helmet

Protective gear: Prioritize safety in style

Safety is a top priority when skateboarding. Protecting yourself with gear will reduce the risk of injuries. Get this must-have safety gear:

A. Helmet

Statistics show that wearing a certified skate helmet reduces the risk of head injuries. Put safety first and look for a helmet that fits securely, has coverage, and reflects your personal style. Skate safe!

B. Knee pads and elbow pads

A well-fitted set of knee pads and elbow pads protect your joints to the max. Push your limits with confidence by using gear. Flexible and durable pads will keep you protected during falls and tricks gone wrong. Use them.

C. Wrist guards

Protect your wrists. Wrist guards have extra support, preventing sprains and fractures. Especially important for beginners (talking from experience). Wrist guards reduce damage and promote stability. A must-have skate gear item.


Apparel and accessoires: Skate in style

Skateboarding is a culture, a cool one as well. You can embrace your individuality and express your style through skate apparel and accessories. From graphic tees to comfortable shoes, find gear that is functional and to your liking. Got an old broken deck? Make it into something new. Gear can be cool even if it’s not used for skateboarding anymore.


Conclusion: Gear up

Gear is one of the most important parts of skateboarding. You need great gear to get started, it gives the freedom to explore and up your skateboarding game. Invest in a good deck, trucks, wheels and most importantly: safety gear. On top ofthat, you can buy some nice apparel to elevate your street cred! Now you’re equipped and ready to skate, find spots and battle with skate clips.