5 easy skate tricks for beginners

Jimmy Hermans

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What’s up, beginner. Want to start doing sick skate tricks? You’re at the perfect spot. Here are 5 easy skate tricks that are perfect to start with. Each trick comes with a step-by-step tutorial to help you get a grasp on the basics. Before you do, make sure you’re equipped with skate gear.  So, get ready to flip, grind, and ollie your way to becoming better skater. And don't forget, for even more skateboarding content download CityLegends!


Trick 1 - Ollie

Let's kick things off with the classic Ollie. The Ollie is basically a small balanced jump with your board, it’s a great foundation for many other skateboarding tricks. How to do an Ollie: Start by placing your back foot on the tail of the skateboard and your front foot near the middle. Bend your knees, then pop the tail down while sliding your front foot up towards the nose to level out the board in mid-air. Land with both feet on the bolts, and you've got yourself an Ollie.

Trick 2 - Turn

Now that you've conquered the Ollie, let's move on to the Kickturn. This skate trick is about changing direction quickly while cruising. Do this by shifting your weight to your front foot and leaning slightly forward. Use your back foot to kick the tail of the skateboard in the direction you want to turn (kick). Simultaneously, pivot your front foot in the same direction (turn). Practice this trick to beat obstacles like a pro.

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Trick 3 - Manual

A Manual is where you only ride on the back wheels of your board, how cool? To master this trick, start riding at a comfortable speed and slightly lean back, shifting your weight on to the back foot. Keep your eyes focused ahead and your body centered over the board. Keeping balance is the key to this trick. Start with small manual balances and gradually increase your control for longer rides.


Trick 4 - Frontside 180

Ready to skate smoothly? The Frontside 180 is a crowd-pleaser. Begin by riding with a comfortable speed and preparing to rotate. Pop an Ollie, but as your board rises, pivot your shoulders and hips 180 degrees in the direction you want to turn. Start to land and bring the board back down with you. Practice this trick to add a touch of finesse to your skateboarding skills.

Trick 5 - Boardslide

Last but not least, let's tackle a beginner-friendly rail trick - the Boardslide. Find a flat rail, curb or ledge and approach it with confidence. As you reach the rail, do an Ollie and aim to land with the middle of your skateboard on top of the rail, curb or ledge and slide along the rail. As the end of the rail approaches, prepare to shift your weight back onto the board and roll away smoothly. Unlock the world of rail tricks with this move.

Congrats, beginner! Now you can do five easy skate tricks. With these tricks you will come a long way as a beginner. Practice is key, so keep working on these tricks to build your skill. If you feel confident enough, battle with your skate clip in CityLegends and maybe win a battle, challenge or tournament! So, grab your board, hit the streets, and begin skateboarding.