Best scooter spots Pasadena - LA

Emmy Schouten

South Pasadena Skatepark

This outdoor skatepark is open to the whole scene. It doesn’t matter which skill you practice! You can safely bring your stunt scooter here ;). Although not the biggest, this park is packed with obstacles. It has a quarter pipe, funbox, flats, and a mini ramp. These are made of smooth wood and well maintained. All this of course comes with rails and ledges. There are some great variations with different heights and lengths. Not one ride is the same! It won’t get boring and you can easily build up your skills. The obstacles are also great for beginner friendly scooter tricks. Both beginners and advanced scooter riders will enjoy South Pasadena! People of all ages are welcome 7 days a week. For 5 dollar you can enter the park. The safety measures are quite strict here. You have to wear safety gear before hitting the obstacles. Don’t know what to wear? Check out this blog.

La Pintoresca Park

La Pintoresca Park is brand new! The concrete doesn’t get any smoother than it does here. It seems a little compact but the flow here is amazing. You can cruise up and down with plenty of variation! The ramps on the side give you enough speed to hit some flips and spins. All the rails and ledges are bright yellow. This makes for the coolest videos! Would you grind on these yellow rails? Pintoresca also has an amazing kicker. It will give you enough airtime for some rotations. The whole park is fenced-off so you wont land in any nearby gardens ;). It is open 7 days a week from 6AM to 10PM. That way you have more than enough time to practice your scooter skills!

Scooter rail trick

Washington Boulevard

Our final Pasadena spot is on Washington Boulevard. This is very close to La Pintoresca Park. You can easily go back and forth between the two. Make sure to switch it up! It is a super nice street spot for stunt scooters. On the corner of the church is a big wall ride with ledge. You can recognise it by all the grind marks ;). It is slightly angled and easy to hit. The perfect spot to practice some wall rides! You can also get super creative on this spot with other pro scooter tricks. Maybe you’ll be able to do a tail whip here. If you go south there are plenty of other spots on Washington Boulevard. You can hit ledges and stair-sets. Make sure to add this spot to your list!