Beginner scooter stunts: made easy

April 9, 2024

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You better get ready to ride the concrete like a boss with these beginner scooter stunts. These tricks are all for beginners and pretty easy to learn. From flips to grinds. We've got the lowdown on how to nail these tricks step-by-step. But make sure to stay safe and practice on safe terrain. Let's dive in and become a scooter legend.



Scooter stunts 101: tricks for the brave

Bunny Hop: The trick to start with

Start with the Bunny Hop. Give your scooter a good boost by pushing down with your feet while pulling up on your handlebars. Practice popping that rear wheel off the ground before going for height. Then you can hop like a bunny.

Manual: Take the next step

Level Up with the Manual. Find your balance point by leaning back slightly and lifting that front wheel. Try to ride on just the back wheel, keeping your core tight and feeling like a badass. It’s like a wheelie on a bike.

Tailwhip: Whip your tail

The wild Tailwhip. Plant your kicking foot on the ground, spin the deck around under you. Catch it back in place. Whip just the tail, not the whole scooter. When done successfully, make sure to post a clip of it in CityLegends. The clip can win you battles, tournaments or challenges (maybe even some cash)! The clip can win you battles, tournaments or challenges (maybe even some cash)!

Bar spin: Spin around

Get spinning with the Bar Spin. While in mid-air, grab one side of the handlebars and spin them around like a madman. Style it up, and watch those heads turn! Practice this move often for a smooth effect. When becoming advanced, try these high up in the air.  

Scooter grind

Grind: Move in style

Conquer the Grind: Find some rails or ledges and approach with speed. Jump on top of the obstacle. Lean into the object and let your scooter slide like a beast. Shred that rail with style, my friend! Now you’ve taken your scooter skills to the next level.

Get your scoot on: Tips for street domination

  1. Safety first. Wear a helmet, pads, and all that protective gear. Keep your head safe!
  2. Practice makes perfect, man. Start with the basics and master each stunt before moving on.
  3. Film your progress, watch it, learn from it, and correct any mistakes. Finetune your style!
  4. Join CityLegends to explore, create and own scooter spots. It’s also a great place to track your progress by ranks when you upload your vids consistently. Make sure to check it out.

Conclusion: Rule the streets, one trick at a time

Congratulations, street shredders. You're now equipped with the knowledge to rock those beginner scooter stunts. Embrace the grind, push your limits, and create your own legendary style. Remember, safety first and practice like a champ. When ready, let the concrete jungle be your stage. Let CityLegends help you with your journey.You will go a long way.