Best scooter spots in Glendale

Emmy Schouten

Chevy Chase Skatepark

One of the few skateparks where you can actually scooter! Chevy Chase is a community staple. This place is attached to the local recreation centre. That means it is open for all sorts of sports and disciplines. It has all the obstacles you need to get started. There are ramps, kickers, stairs, a funbox and way more. Chevy Chase is well maintained with smooth concrete all-over. You can get super creative here and combine obstacles with your favourite tricks! Would you grind on the ledges before hitting the ramp? Or hit the funbox first? Show us your sickest combinations on CityLegends! The whole place is fenced-off and super safe. It has plenty of lights for when it gets dark, and is open 6 days a week. Even better: free entrance! You can endlessly explore this park. It is suitable for all adult stunt scooters and kids stunt scooters! There is an obstacle for all skill-levels. What are you waiting for?

Museum of Neon Art

This place is perfect for some scooter tricks! It has concrete pathways leading to some nice stair-sets. All of these are brand new with no grind marks to be found ;). Would you be the first to do a boardslide here? The floors are made of concrete and wooden panels. It is a super satisfying pattern to cruise on. The 3-stair is definitely the nicest one. It has two smooth handrails on the side. You can get your scooter of the ground and try some air time!

Scooter air trick

Plaza on Glendale Ave

Another great street spot is the plaza on Glendale Ave. In the middle of this spot is a huge manual pad! This round disc is an amazing ride. You have plenty of space to jump on and hit some scooter stunts. The top layer is made of smooth concrete without any scratches. Everything else is made out of red bricks. It might be a bit shaky at first, but great ground to scooter on! On the edges of the plaza are some concrete ledges as well. Some of them are a bit worn down, but still great for a grind. It is rarely busy here during the week. You will have a whole brick-plaza to yourself! Looking for a few new tricks to try out here? Check out this page for some easy tricks. Still not satisfied? Take it up a notch with some pro-scooter stunts ;).

Postoffice Broadway

Our final spot is just for Sundays ;). This postoffice has an ledge, elevated block and some smooth stairs. All of these have rails as well, perfect to slide on. It is the perfect place for some stunt scooter tricks. Only problem is the high bust risk. That’s why we recommend only visiting when it’s closed. You wont run over any postmen that way, a win-win!

Scooter air trick