Master the streets: 5 pro scooter stunts

April 9, 2024

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Welcome to the big leagues. It's time to step up your game and unleash your inner legend with our guide to pro-level scooter stunts. From mind-bending flips to jaw-dropping grinds, this is how to dominate the streets like a true pro. Let's dive in and check out these pro scooter stunts.

Ride like a pro, be safe like a pro

Before trying any of these awesome stunts. Make sure you have some experience and control over your scooter. Be safe when performing these stunts. They can be really dangerous when gone wrong. So, make sure you’re equipped with safety gear.

5 Pro scooter stunts and how to conquer them

1. 720 Spin

Charge at a amp or hill with speed. Whip your scooter at the base of the scooter, initiating the tailspin. Spin it 720 degrees (two full circles) and there you have it! Spot your landing and gracefully touch down. Get ready to feel the adrenaline rush!

2. Backflip

Approach a ramp with confidence, perform your backflip at the top of the ramp. Tuck your knees and flip backwards while holding your scooter. Spot the landing, extend your legs, and have your moment of glory. You're a true aerial legend! Make sure you get a clip of it to post in CityLegends!


3. 900 Whip

Build momentum, hit a ramp with force. Then again at the top snap that tail whip with style. Keep your focus as you rotate twice. Prepare for landing with unmatched flair. Make sure you have plenty of room to perform this trick. We don’t want a scooter swinging around.

Reminder: Perform these tricks equipped with safety gear.

4. Crook grind to barspin out

Approach a rail, ledge, or curb with speed. Lock into a crook(ed) grind, then, without missing a beat, throw that bar spin mid-grind. Only do the bar spin when you’re totally balanced. Stick the landing like a boss!

5. Superman front flip

Now a real showstopper. The superman front flip. Generate immense speed, launch off the ramp, extend your body in a superman pose. Sounds difficult enough, right? Add a front flip with style. Spot the landing. A great practice spot for tricks like this is a steep bowl.

Become a street legend: tips for scooter domination

  1. Push your limits but remember to prioritize safety. Protective gear is a must for pro-level stunts.
  2. Train like a maniac. Perfecting pro stunts requires discipline, dedication, and a whole lot of practice.
  3. Embrace the community. Connect with other legends, learn from their experiences. Inspire each other to push further in CityLegends.
  4. Film your sessions. Analyze your technique, identify areas for improvement, and share your mind-blowing moves with the world.

Rewrite the streets with pro scooter skills

Congratulations, legend of the streets! You've unlocked the secrets to pro scooter stunts. Embrace the challenge. Push beyond your limits and redefine what's possible on two wheels. Remember, safety first, practice relentlessly and let your skills pave the way to legendary status.