Best parkour spots Santa Ana

Emmy Schouten

Memorial Park

Memorial Park is known for its sports community! It is 17 acres big. There are multiple sections great for parkour. You can warm-up in the outdoor gym area, before heading to the picnic tables or playground. The picnic tables are perfect for practicing speed, agility, and vaults! You have plenty of space to speed-up and master the vault. Not sure how to? Check out this blog. After that you can head to the playground. The ledges here are perfect for practicing your precision jumps. Climb on the obstacles to get enough height for your flips. Would you try a backflip of here? It has a soft ground all-around the obstacles for you to land on. This is great for perfecting your parkour roll!

Tip: Check out this video for some parkour ideas on the playground!

Jerome Park

Jerome Park has a crazy parkour and fitness court! It is made for practicing parkour outdoors. You have a section with blocks lined up. These are perfect for practicing your parkour jumps. Some of them are different heights and distances too. This makes it super challenging for all skill-levels. There is a soft rubber floor on the whole court. On the side is an amazing wall with all different kinds of bars, rails, and even gymnast rings! You can get super creative here. Maybe even using the rings to swing from one obstacle to the other. The possibilities are endless. But one thing’s for sure: Jerome Park is a must visit.

Felton Ninja Academy

We’re finishing of strong with one of the few parkour gyms in LA. This place is only a 10min drive from Santa Ana. It is a family friendly place that trains you in ninja like parkours. All ages can follow parkour classes here. There even is a women’s only parkour session. It has multiple obstacles and soft floors for practice. You can practice in groups or with a personal parkour trainer. There are multiple soft blocks perfect for vaulting. Flips, speed, and agility are the main targets. Some obstacles are straight out of American Ninja Warrior! You can practice these 7 days a week. Make sure to add this parkour paradise to your list!


Delhi Park

Our last spot is Delhi Park. This one has a similar fitness court for parkour. The blocks are lined up a bit different. Here you can even vault over some. It has a few metal bars placed in the ground. This is the ultimate challenge for precision jumps. On the edge is an empty space on the wall. It is perfect to practice your climb-up or wallrun. The other side of the wall has some similar rails and bars as in Jerome Park. You can challenge yourself here for some turns, or try a flip on the rings. Not sure how to practice your flips? Check out these tips on front flips and back flips.