Mastering the vault: a parkour must

Lilly Pennings

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Ready to see urban terrain as a playground? It's time to learn the art of vaulting in parkour. It’s the ultimate way to approach obstacles with style and finesse. Get ready to fly, and let's dive into the world of vaulting, with safety, difficulty, and step-by-step explanations!

Tip: Before vaulting, check out your must-have parkour gear here.

Start with the basics: Two-handed vault

We aren’t jumping straight into the deep end. Let's begin with a classic, the two-handed vault. Approach the obstacle with confidence. Then plant your hands on it and launch yourself over sideways like a boss. Easy peasy!

One handed vault

Push it to the next level: Speed vault

Ready for some advanced moves? The speed vault adds speed and flair to your parkour game. Approach the obstacle with speed, place one hand on the obstacle and smoothly go over. It's all about flow and finesse.

Defying gravity: Kong vault

Now we're talking serious airtime, meet the Kong vault. A bit more difficult vault than others. Be safe and prepared while trying this trick. Approach the obstacle, dive forward, and launch your body over using your hands. Go straight ahead and push your legs through your arms. Now parkour is even faster and cooler than before.


Kong vault

A challenge: Reverse vault

Up for a cool move? Enter the reverse vault. A jaw-dropper that will leave spectators in awe. Approach the obstacle from the opposite direction. Plant your hands and flip your way to across. Epic!


Perfect your style: Add variations

Once you've nailed the basics, you can add personal flair. Experiment with different hand placements, spins, or combos for max. creativity. Vaults can be done in millions of ways, experiment and create your own ways. Post your clip to CityLegends and win a battle, challenge, tournament or some cash! Make a vault your own signature move.


Kong vault

Practice makes perfect: Vault over and over

Let's be real, becoming a vaulting pro isn’t going to happen overnight. Practice, practice, and then some more practice. Start with low obstacles and gradually work your way up. Consistency and determination are key to becoming a parkour legend!


You've unlocked the secrets of vaulting. Now take them to the streets. Remember safety, so gear up and assess the risks. Start with the two-handed vault, master the speed vault, conquer the Kong and end with the reverse vault. Add your own style and always practice, because that's how legends are made.