Best parkour spots in Anaheim

Emmy Schouten

Finding a parkour gym nearby is super though. But luckily, you don’t need one to get some practice in. There are plenty of places outside where you can go. In this blog, we’ll show you some great spots for outdoor parkour. Let me tell you, Anaheim is packed with great places!

Barton Park

Barton Park is an amazing place for parkour. The place is massive, with over 4.8 acres of ground! This means people rarely get in the way of your stunts. You have this amazing playground section near the middle. It has multiple heights, rails, monkey bars, ropes and way more. Don’t let the colourful obstacles distract you, because it can get seriously challenging! Some obstacles are seriously high and though. Every level freerunner can practice their parkour jumps here. The floor is made of soft material. What better place to practice your parkour roll? One thing’s for sure, Barton Park is the perfect place to perfect your skills.

Parkour flip

Stoddard Park

Another great park is Stoddard. This place is packed with metal bars. You have these crazy bowl-shaped obstacles near the edge. They are made of blue bars, perfect for a stunt. Creativity and skill is a must for these! But that’s not all. There are picnic tables spread on the grass field. With some speed, you can try your parkour vaults on these. You can even combine these with the playground section nearby. That way you have a super nice parkour run! When you’re done training, you can grab a drink and enjoy the palm trees. What else can you wish for?

Ponderosa Park

The final park on this list is Ponderosa Park. Just like the rest, this one’s perfect for parkour. You’ll find Ponderosa on Orangewood Ave. This place is known for its urban scene. It has the most obstacles out of all. With a big tower for climbing, multiple swings, spiderweb-like ropes, topped off with a line of bars! This tower is at least 10ft, with multiple bars and ropes. You can try all kinds of stunts on here. But is definitely great for a parkour jump. If you’re more into practicing vaults, check out the bars. There are at least 5 lined up. Do you think you can conquer them all? Make sure to post your parkour video on CityLegends!

Big parkour jump

Muzeo museum and cultural center

If you are looking for a street-spot, this is the place! There is a big plaza at the back, stairs, fences and even MUZEO spelled out in big metal letters. You can try jumps off the big M or vault through the O ;). It is the most unique parkour spot in Anaheim. You can combine your easier street obstacles with high-level stunts. Visit after opening hours, or on Mondays and Tuesdays. That way there is almost nobody. Beginners and advanced freerunners can all practice safely here. Visit this page if you’re looking for some new tricks to try out.  

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