The Best Parkour spots in Newport Beach

Emmy Schouten

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Parkour is one of the most creative urban sports. The urban landscape is your obstacle course. With benches, railings and walls everywhere, it can be overwhelming to find a good spot to start. Especially in sandy places like Newport Beach. What are essentials to include in your beachy course? In this blog we’ve lined up our favorite parkour parks and places in the Newport Beach area!

Playgrounds all-around  

Newport Beach is packed with playgrounds. This is not only fun for kids, but for freerunners as well! These playgrounds are perfect for parkour. With diverse obstacles and structures that flow nicely together. The climbing frames are a great practice for efficient movements and trying out new techniques. These playgrounds push creative limits. You can experiment with new obstacles and challenge yourself in a safe environment. Newport Beach has plenty of playgrounds you can include in your personal obstacle course! Most are located near Balboa Boulevard or on Lido Isle. Make sure to check these out.

Parkour on a playground

Public gyms  

Another hotspot for practicing parkour are the public gyms. These are the perfect obstacle courses. Some are even equipped with ninja-warrior-like obstacles. They have plenty of equipment, walls and rails. You can create your own combinations in a dedicated environment. A big bonus is that these are mostly located on the beach. The soft Newport Beach sand will catch you if you fall. What more could you wish for?  

The Newport Beach Pier

A big attraction in the Newport area is the Pier. It is one of the coolest obstacles a freerunner could wish for! The Newport Beach Pier is equipped with plenty of wooden rails, cool fences and a soft underground for safety ;) It is less visited than its big brother in Santa Monica. This makes it a much chiller environment to practice parkour in peace. There are also lots of cafes and restaurants nearby. You can grab a much-needed break there and refresh yourself in the sea after. The Pier is a true parkour paradise.  

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Public Parks  

Want to explore some of nature’s obstacles? Try out parkour in the public parks. These are perfect for adding an extra layer of challenge to your parkour course. The organic shapes challenge even the most experienced freerunners. You can practice your climbing skills in the trees and include one of the many rails, walls or benches nearby. The combinations are endless! Newport Beach is packed with these parks. They are the perfect crossover between the urban landscape and a bit of nature. Check out Cliff Drive Park, Lido Park or The Blue Park.



Explore parkour in Newport Beach!

From parkour parks to beaches and piers, Newport Beach is the perfect day out. Don’t forget to upload your parkour videos in CityLegends. Enter challenges, tournaments and win prizes!