Best Parkour Spots in Santa Monica

Emmy Schouten

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Beaches: by far the most forgiving surface for practicing parkour. You can safely try tricks and flips with plenty of space. Luckily, Santa Monica has many soft beaches to go to! Besides beaches, there are playgrounds, gyms and cool urban spots to practice your parkour skills! Let’s look at a few of our favorite spots in the Santa Monica area.

The Santa Monica State Beach  

Soft sand and 3.5 miles worth of space. What more could you wish for? It is a parkour paradise to try out some flips and tricks. Besides sand, the beach is also equipped with wheelchair accessible pathways and ramps. These provide some sturdy rails where you safely practice some freerunning. There are plenty of shops and cafes at the boulevard. This is the perfect spot for a little break in-between practice! You can hop in the sea to cool down after practice and enjoy the prettiest sunset of LA!  

The Santa Monica Pier  

In the middle of the beach is the most iconic pier of the US! Located at the end of Route 66, it is one of the hotspots of Los Angeles. It has a small amusement park and plenty of equipment for climbing and jumping. Watch out for splinters with the wooden underground ;). It is opened 24/7! Try it out after the busy hours. That way you can safely explore all the pier has to offer, without bumping into crowds.  

Santa Monica pier


The World-Famous Venice Graffiti Walls  

Another iconic sight on the Venice Beach: the Venice Art Walls! The place is plastered with colorful graffiti and sick artwork. These walls are surrounded by soft sand. It is the perfect place to try out the basics! You can make some of the coolest parkour videos to upload in CityLegends! It is one of the hotspots of Los Angeles. Watch your surroundings when trying out your parkour skills. It can get quite busy here as well.  

Venice graffiti walls

The Best Outdoor Gyms!  

Santa Monica beach has some of the sickest outdoor gyms in LA! From the famous muscle beach to more casual playgrounds, Santa Monica has it all! It is great for climbing, jumping, parkours and calisthenics. You can try out different obstacle set-ups and race with your friends. There is Ninja Warrior gear spread out on the beach. Push your creativity in these unique gyms! These gyms are super beginner friendly and a great hub for the urban community. You can get plenty of parkour tips here and practice on the sand!  

Tip: Try out these beginner friendly tricks in the outdoor gyms!  

Try out the parkour paradise of Santa Monica!

These are our favorite parkour spots in Santa Monica. From iconic sights to packed gyms, explore it all! There is a lot of parkour equipment to try out and the best soft surface for parkour ;) Want to know more about parkour? Check it out in CityLegends!