Street Culture in Santa Monica

Emmy Schouten

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Santa Monica is a cultural giant! From movies to celebrities to art, all found inspiration in Santa Monica culture. It is an urban hub when it comes to graffiti, murals and art. The 8.3 square miles of Santa Monica hosts over 170 murals! The local community is heavily involved in transforming the street culture of Santa Monica to a museum-worthy neighborhood. Let’s explore some of the highlights that can be found on the streets!

Murals everywhere!  

Murals color the streets of Santa Monica. From iconic quotes to contemporary art and movie stars. You can find everything here! The locals and urban community help design and organize these murals carefully. Non-profit organizations like Beautify Earth are missioned to transform every wall into the sickest art. What started 6 years ago as a small operation turned into an international mission to transform street culture!  

Jay Adams mural
The iconic Jay Adams Mural


Skateboarding is at the heart of the urban community in Santa Monica. Iconic sights like Venice Beach Skatepark are very close by! This huge urban community shines through the coolest street art. A staple is Jay Adams mural in the Main Street neighborhood. At the back of Dogtown Coffee, Dvata created a tribute to the legendary skateboarder. The memory and legacy of Jay Adams are eternalized in this iconic piece of art. It is a tribute to the whole skateboarding community and will continue to inspire generations to come!  

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The Bergamot Station Arts Center  

One of the coolest local initiatives has got to be the Bergamot Station Arts Center! It is the largest art gallery and cultural complex on the West coast. It has hosted the sickest events for over 3 decades. The hottest contemporary art is shown alongside many local initiatives. Urban style and edgy themes are a guarantee! Besides the cool art, events are regularly hosted at Bergamot Station. This ranges from urban performances to comedy and a variety of video art! All of this is directed towards the local community, ensuring a personal touch.  

Festivals and events by the ocean!

Santa Monica brings the best festivals and events on a regular basis! From urban sports to surfing and local foods. They color the streets of Santa Monica on a regular basis. Take the Pier 360 Beach Sports Summer Festival hosted at the end of June. It is one of the most diverse events on the West coast that hosts epic competitions in disciplines on sea and land! It provides a run through skate history, live music and many urban sports. It is hosted on the iconic Pier Deck and beach. This legendary sight is filled with the most skilled urban athletes showing topnotch tricks. It is one of the many festivals and events hosted in Santa Monica. It is part of their culture!

Santa Monica Pier

Get exploring!

This is just a start! Santa Monica is packed with street culture on every corner. These streets regularly host the coolest festivals and events. It unites the local businesses, urban community and outsiders 365 days a year! Make sure to check out all 8.3 square miles and let us know what you think in CityLegends!