Street culture in Anaheim

Emmy Schouten

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Anaheim is way more than just Disneyland! It is a cultural hotspot with a rich and diverse art scene. From live music to contemporary street art, Anaheim has it all! In this blog, we’ve lined up some of the highlights of Anaheim’s street culture.  

The Home-city of Vans

Before we dive into Anaheim, we have to explore its history! Anaheim is home to the first ever Vans store. The iconic urban brand is a leader in brands. The 3 brothers Van Doren created the first shoe in East Broadway, Anaheim. The brand is created out of the love of skateboarding. The urban streetinspired one of the most iconic designsroots of Vans shine through in all aspects of Anaheim’s street culture. From iconic Vans skateparks to the coolest sneakers on every street. Vans is part of Anaheim’s DNA!


Arts Hubs everywhere!

The art scene in Anaheim is huge! The Anaheim GardenWalk is home to the sickest murals and outside art installations. They regularly bring in the newest local creations. You can endlessly explore the coolest street art! Another art-hub downtown is Muzeo Museum and Cultural Center. They have plenty of exhibitions on Anaheim’s culture. It is a mix of historic displays, iconic landmarks and contemporary culture. They also host concerts, walking tours, poetry readings and many more! The Center is one of the most vibrant hotspots in Anaheim. The community is heavily involved. Everybody participates in the coolest events!

Downtown Santa Ana Artwalk

This spot is super close to Anaheim. One of the coolest events has got to be Downtown Santa Ana Artwalk! It is hosted every first Saturday of the month. The local community shows their arts! All ages participate in the event. There is live music, dancing, outdoor vendors, live art and free entrance to over 20 art galleries! The event is from 5PM till 10PM. It is super accessible and everybody is free to join in.  

Annual Laguna Beach Festival of Arts

Another major event is the Annual Laguna Beach Festival of Arts! Over 140 local artists bring the most unique art to this event. There are art demonstrations, workshops and even live music! It is essential to the street culture here. You can support your favourite local artist and buy the coolest pieces! That way you can enjoy them all year long ;).


Music all year around!  

Laguna Beach is also home to the coolest musical events! These events are amazing for exploring new artists and genres. Another  festival is the annual Jazz festival on Newport Beach! It is a 3 day festival that’s been around for almost 3 decades. Here classic jazz meets the upcoming new wave of jazz. It is a must visit for exploring Anaheim street culture!  

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Explore Anaheim!

There you have it! Our favourites when it comes to Anaheim’s street culture. With its cool urban history and lively arts, Anaheim has something for everybody! Let us know what you think in CityLegends.