Best Skateparks in Pasadena

Emmy Schouten

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Pasadena: Skateboarder’s paradise. Pasadena is known for its legendary underground art scene. The urban scene in Pasadena is huge. There are plenty of spots for BMX, scootering and of course skateboarding! The Southern-Cali weather warms the coolest skateparks 365 days a year. In this blog, we’ve lined up the best skateparks in the area!  

Garvanza Skatepark  

Garvanza Skatepark is a true gem! The sickest street art meets the smoothest concrete. This colourful park has it all! The terrain has one of the most challenging bowls in California. This ride is perfect for professional skaters and the bravest in the community ;). There are also plenty of rails, stairs and ledges to explore. The park is free of charge. It is a true community hub! Skaters of all levels are welcomed here. Locals take good care of this park so it’s super well maintained! Saturday mornings are reserved for the coolest BMX tricks. It is a must visit for all skaters! Make sure to post this colourful spot in CityLegends.

Garvanza Skatepark


South Pasadena Skatepark

South Pasadena Skatepark is the most complete ride in the area! It has every facility you could dream of. It is a compact park perfect for beginners! There is a small ramp that you can safely explore. It is located in a super friendly neighbourhood. Families often visit this park with their young skaters. The terrain is not as intimidating as others in the area. It is a mix of concrete and wood. The obstacle height is perfect to learn how to skateboard and those getting back in to the game! There are small ramps and smooth ledges that flow together perfectly. It can get quite hot during the day. Make sure to pack plenty of water and take breaks often.  

Tip: Want to learn some beginner tricks? Check out this blog for 5 easy skate tricks for beginners!

La Pintoresca Skatepark

Another staple in Pasadena is La Pintoresca Skatepark! The park has a basketball court, extensive playground and skatepark. The skatepark is open from 11AM to 6PM. There is plenty of shade during the day and it is nicely lit in the dark. The terrain is fenced-off to ensure the safety of all skaters! The obstacles flow nicely together. This makes it super easy to try out some new creative tricks! Skateboard safety gear is a must for this. There are multiple ramps and ledges to explore. Everybody here is super friendly. The skate community offers the best tips and tricks for you to try out. When you’re done skating you can check out all the park has to offer!

BONUS: Bonita Skatepark

Just outside of Pasadena is Bonita Skatepark. The name says it all! It is one of the prettiest parks near the area. It is a super sick terrain with unique obstacles. The concrete is smooth and well maintained. The height difference here is a super cool challenge for all skaters! It is a really tight community. Make sure to visit the park when you’re in the area!

Bonita Skatepark

Explore Pasadena!

These are our favourite parks in the area! These skate spots are true gems. You can explore the coolest street art whilst riding your skateboard. Let us know what you think in CityLegends and post your new favourite parks ;).