Hidden Skatespots Art District - Downtown LA

Emmy Schouten

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The Art District is the prettiest place in Downtown LA! There is sick street art on every corner. You can enjoy colourful murals whilst cruising down the concrete. The Art District can be a challenging playground when you know the right spots 😉. It goes beyond benches and stairs. In this blog, we’ve lined up our favourite hidden gems in Art District.

Street skateboarding

Garey Street

Garey Street is all the way up north, just bordering Little Tokyo. There you can find some of the biggest sidewalks you’ve ever seen! These are made of the smoothest concrete. This sidewalk is lined up with some awesome obstacles. There are of course benches and ledges. These benches are made out of wood. Some even have some crazy shapes. They look almost like an Y. These are a great challenge for you advanced skaters. You can explore all the unique shapes and get creative! The place is recently renovated. Everything is still fresh and smooth here. This also means that it is super well-lit. You can safely hit the streets after sunset.

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Center Street - Alameda Street Parking  

By far the biggest gem is Alameda Street Parking. It is a massive parking spot. There are almost no cars during the weekends. It will leave you with plenty of space to explore! The edges of the parking place all have ledges. These are super smooth and perfect to grind. Near one of the entrances even is a small ramp. You can use the loading dock to get some speed. On the left side has a few stair-sets. These are lined with rails. The height is just perfect for some sick tricks! You must try out some of these. They have been barely used and glide super easily. There are some big lampposts in the middle of the parking lot. It will give you plenty of light. There is a lot of ground to cover for you and your friends. What are you waiting for?

Street skateboarding

Imperial Street Parking

This parking spot is surrounded by some nice restaurants! Just around the corner of AFURI-ramen + dumpling is a great ledge. The height difference will give you plenty of speed to hit this one perfectly! There are some grind-marks on it but it’s still very smooth.  

Santa Fe Avenue  

Our final spot is located on Santa Fe Avenue! This ledge is located just up north. This spot is well known in the community. Locals come here to explore the ledges, benches and stairs. The ledge has been hit many times. It is still a smooth ride. The concrete sidewalk is well-maintained. You can cruise down the avenue with easy!