Skate parks vs Street skateboarding: find your own style

Lilly Pennings

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Skaters, get ready to choose. Today, we're breaking it down and asking the age-old question: skateparks or street skating? Which style suits you? Street skateboarding and skate parks can be very different and have other benefits. Skateparks are designed for skaters, but the streets are where skateboarding was invented. Find out which one is more for you in this blog.


Skate parks: made for skate

First up, let's talk about skateparks. These purpose-built playgrounds for skaters offer an environment with ramps, rails, and all the killer features you need to unleash your sickest moves. In a skate park it’s all about innovation and pushing your limits in epic bowls, halfpipes, vert ramps, you name it! If you’re into that and want a steady place to build your skills, a skatepark is the place to be.

Benefits of skate parks

  1. Opportunity to Learn: Skateparks provide a structured setting where beginners can learn the basics and progress at their own pace.
  1. Safety First: With smooth surfaces and designed obstacles, skateparks minimize the risk of unexpected surprises and provide a safer environment.
  1. Community Vibes: Mingle with fellow skaters, learn from seasoned riders, and soak up the rich skateboarding culture within the park's walls.

Tip: Checkout how to create your own skate park here.

Street skateboarding: conquer the concrete jungle

If you're more of a rebel at heart and crave the thrill of the street, street skating might be your calling. Embark on a journey through urban landscapes, honing your skills by tackling curbs, stair sets, ledges, and anything else the streets throw your way! This style is all about creativity, adaptability and using the environment as your personal playground. Make sure to be equipped with gear when exploring.

Skateboarder park

Benefits of street skateboarding

  1. Endless Possibilities: The streets are your canvas, offering an infinite playground of obstacles that can be skated in unique, mind-blowing ways.
  1. Authentic Street Cred: Show off your skills in real-world settings, gaining respect from the local scene and leaving your mark on the streets.
  1. Creative Expression: Street skating encourages you to think outside the box, adapt to your surroundings and invent new ways to conquer the streets.


Which style suits you?

Choosing between skateparks and street skating ultimately depends on your individual style and personal liking. Here are a few factors to keep in mind:

  1. Skill Level: Skateparks can be more forgiving for beginners, while street skating demands a higher level of adaptability.
  1. Thrill Factor: Do you prefer the intensity and rawness of street skating or the controlled adrenaline of a skatepark session?
  1. Community vs. Independence: Skateparks offer a built-in community, while street skating allows for the freedom to explore the city on your own terms.

Remember, there's no right or wrong answer here. Only your unique style and preferences. So, gear up, grab your board, and hit the concrete jungle with your own fierce style.

Join the skate community

No matter which style you choose, one thing is certain – the world of skateboarding is yours to explore. Whether it's killing it at the skatepark or conquering the streets. CityLegends has skate spots for both preferences. If you’re looking for skate parks or spots while street skating, check it out here. So, fire up your passion, break boundaries and become a legend in your own city! Hit the streets or park near you.