Hidden skate spots in Hollywood

Emmy Schouten

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Not everything in Hollywood is famous 😉. There are plenty of undiscovered gems. Hollywood has the coolest hidden skate spots. In this blog we’ll take you through some of our favourite spots. Make sure to upload your new favourites on CityLegends!  

Hollywood High  

Hollywood High has some legendary stairs. These stairs are holy for the local skate community. The 16-stair has a reputation for being one of the most challenging rides. The handrails are very smooth. There are grind marks all-over. You definitely need to try this out once. There is also a 9-stair handrail on the other side. This is perfect to test out your skills. Make sure to wear protective skateboarding gear for this spot. You can best visit this spot during the weekends, because it is not super well-lit and can be quite dark at night. If you go around the back, there are more skate spots to check out. There is a concrete path that leads you to it. There is an 8-stair there and it has some pretty nice ledges surrounding it. They are not as smooth and can be challenging for beginners.  

Hidden stairs Hollywood

Vine Street Ledge

Vine Street is filled with hidden gems! Near the elementary school is a big ledge. This is great ride to check out. You can get creative and make your own line here! If you go all the way up North, there is another gem. In the parking lot of Capital Records is a sick wall ride. The floor here is pretty smooth and there is plenty of space after 5PM. There are some bumps you can check out as well. There is plenty of space to speed up before hitting your tricks. On the way here are lots of benches to check out. Get creative and explore the urban landscape!

Castle Argyle  

Castle Argyle is a big apartment complex up North. The place is well maintained. This means plenty of smooth concrete to check out ;). You can try out the ledges on the south-side of the building. These have a nice angle, so you can slide over them with ease. One is even attached to a bank. Try to combine these together! There is a nice flow in the obstacles here. Be respectful to the people living nearby. Then you’ll be at no risk to get busted or kicked out.  

Hollywood Boulevard

First Baptist Church

Our last spot is near the First Baptist Church! There is a smooth concrete sidewalk that brings you there. There is a cool 4-stair with rails on either side. You can try out some beginner friendly tricks on these, like an ollie, turn or manual. There are also some concrete blocks and a few benches nearby. Make sure to include these in your line!  

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