How to hang a skateboard on a wall

Emmy Schouten

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Always wanted to upgrade your room? But you just don’t know how? We’ve got the perfect solution! Pop you’re most colourful decks on the wall and showcase your favourite designs. It brightens up the whole wall. Now you can finally show everybody the sickest designs underneath your decks! In this blog, we’ll take you through some easy steps on how to hang a skateboard.

Skateboards on a wall

The most secure way to hang your skateboard is with a mount. It might take some extra time. But it will definitely be steady, and pet-proof ;). Make sure to get your deck display beforehand!

Step 1: Remove the trucks and wheels

First, you need to remove the trucks. For this you need a pair of pliers and a screwdriver. Put your skateboard sideways. That way you have access to both the top and bottom of the deck. There are 4 bolts underneath the trucks, and 4 screw on top of the trucks. With your pliers, hold on to a bolt underneath the deck. That way you can easily twist your screw on the other side. With your other hand, twist the screw till it pops out. With a few twists, the screw should easily come out! Do this 7 more times, and you’re set for step 2 ;).

Step 2: Drill a hole into the wall

This might seem like a big commitment, but its essential for a secure deck! Measure it out beforehand!! That way your wall wont look like Swiss-cheese when you’re done. Grab a pencil and mark the wall where you want to drill. Now drill the hole. When you’re done, put in a plastic wall anchor. This is a little plastic case for you to screw into later. It will ensure that your wall wont come crashing down at the weight of all your boards ;).

Drill a hole in a wall

Step 3: Secure your deck display

Your display should come with a screw. If not, don’t panic! You can use any large screw, as long as it fits the hole. You will need this to attach the display to your wall. Grab yourself a screwdriver, and secure the display in the plastic wall anchor. This should easily come together. And now you’re ready for the final step!

Step 4: Slide your deck on!

Your deck display has 2 iron pins sticking out, with 2 bolts on them. Twist these bolts off. Now you can easily slide on your board on the display! Perks of removing the trucks are those pre-drilled holes. Now you just twist your bolts back on to secure the board and viola! You have yourself a nice skateboard on the wall. Easy as that :).

Skateboards on a wall

Conclusion: let your board shine, rule the wall

Show us your own creations on CityLegends! We can’t wait to see your sick designs and colourful decks. Want to explore more on skateboarding? Check out this page.