Go Skate Day 2024 in LA

Emmy Schouten

Save the date: June 21st. It is summer and the longest day of the year! What better day to go outdoors and skate. Nice weather, endless daylight, and a whole community waiting for you to celebrate! In this blog we will take you through the history of Go Skate Day, and most importantly where to skate.

The 20th anniversary!

Go Skateboarding Day was born exactly 2 decades ago. The goal is to promote skateboarding worldwide. And of course: make it accessible in cities all around the globe. Thousands of you joined this party over the years. Tightening the community, promoting creativity, and get some outdoors exercise in. Skate shops, recreation centers, and skateparks all join in for this day. Stay tuned on our socials to see how we're celebrating ;).

Events in LA:

Of course Los Angeles provides the sickest events! The iconic skateparks like Venice Skate Park and Chevy Chase host some amazing challenges. But that’s not all. Downtown LA is transformed into the biggest street skating paradise. We have listed some locations where you are guaranteed an amazing Go Skate Day:

Skate community

Chevy Chase Park

Chevy Chase can't be left out from this list. An iconic LA skatepark with the sickest layout. On Go Skate Day, you can take some lessons here and get in touch with the community! Some pro skateboarders will be here to help you with the toughest tricks. Make sure to visit this spot June 21st.

El Sereno Recreation Center

El Sereno knows what it’s means to skate from dusk to dawn! This park has extended opening hours since for ever. What better day to visit here than the longest day of the year? Join in on the skateboarding challenges and community meet-ups. Try out the sickest tricks and win some skateboarding battles.

Venice Skate Park

Venice Skate Park is the place to be! The famous ocean-view skatepark. What better place to celebrate the longest day than on the beach? Venice Skate Park are guaranteed to go all-out. From 10:30 AM - 4PM you’ll be able to celebrate here. With of course loads of skateboarding, skate trick contests, a picnic, and even a photo booth for you and your favourite board! They roll out the red-carpet for the sickest pics.

Looking to visit here before or after Go Skate Day? Check out this blog.

Skate air trick

Downtown LA

We spoiled this one earlier, but Downtown LA is the place to go for street skating! Go Skate Day takes over the streets with hundreds of skaters. Flying over stair-sets, doing trick contests like the highest ollie and way more in a whole Downtown take-over. It is one of the best visited events in LA on Go Skate Day. Find a sneak peek down below ;).

Centennial Park - Santa Ana

Our final spot is for those just outside of LA. Santa Ana is a true skate capital. Centennial Park is transformed into one of the biggest trick contests! From 3PM - 5PM you can join the competition. It is hosted by the local LA skate shop Contenders Boardshop. There is a $250 cash-prize. Make sure to warm up and bring your best tricks to this event.