The Top 5 Best Skateparks near Santa Monica

Emmy Schouten

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Santa Monica: one of the liveliest LA areas, topped with an ocean view. It must come as no surprise that this sunny hotspot attracts the urban scene. Santa Monica is filled with the sickest murals, biggest events and coolest people! More importantly, the area is packed with the best skateparks. From skateboarding events to indoor skateparks, Santa Monica has it all! We will take you through some of our favorite spots in the area.

Santa Monica skatepark

1. The Cove Skatepark  

The Cove Skatepark is over 20,000 square feet, filled to the brim with a topnotch terrain! It has many ramps, bowls and stairs. The park is even equipped with a tile coping pool, over-vert bowl and the original Douglas Park rails! For just a small fee, you can endlessly hit the concrete 7 days a week. Thursdays are reserved for BMX riders to showcase their skills. The park is open to all ages and skill levels. It is a popular hub for the local community and the vibe is great! Everybody pushes each other to hit the coolest tricks.

2. Venice Beach Skatepark  

Iconic: the best word to describe Venice Beach Skatepark. The biggest names like Tony Alva, Stacy Peralta and Jay Adams explored this legendary concrete for over a decade. Besides the breathtaking ocean view, the park offers a first-row view of the best professional skateboarders in the game! You can first handedly get some of the best pro skateboarding tips. The skate-community here is super open. Everybody is free to do their favorite tricks. Skateboarding events are regularly hosted here. It is the core of modern skateboarding, and definitely worth a visit!

Venice Beach skatepark

3. Westchester Skate Plaza

Westchester Skate Plaza is one of the nicest street plazas in the area! The hub is super accessible for all ages and skill-levels. There are plenty of rails, ledges and stairs to go about. Thanks to California Skateparks, the park is designed with innovational techniques and sustainable materials. This park will last generations to come! Want to hit the same concrete used in Vans Parks Series, Street League Skateboarding, and X-Games? Make sure to pay Westchester Skate Plaza a visit.  

4. Culver City Skatepark  

Culver City Skatepark is a staple in the Santa Monica area! It is exclusively designed for skateboarding, roller-skating and inline skating. You won’t have to share the stage with other urban sports. This makes for a super tight community where you can push your creativity to try the coolest skills. The community looks out for everybody’s safety and regular safety checks are guaranteed. This makes it a super beginner friendly park where you can safely get into the scene! The bowls, ramps and rails wildly vary for the ultimate experience.  

Here are some beginner-friendly tricks to try out in Culver City Skatepark.

Skatepark LA

5. Stoner Skate Plaza  

Stoner Skate Plaza is a must-visit for skaters in Santa Monica! The park is built with the same legendary materials and designs used in the biggest skate competitions like X-Games and World Championships. The unique design is carefully thought out by the local community! This makes it one of the most well-thought-out parks in The States. Many features in the park are made in memory of previous skate spots. Their history is set in concrete! With unique round designs and colorful ramps, creativity shines through in all skaters. It is a gem for all skaters in the area!

Go skating with an ocean view!

These are our favorite skateparks in the Santa Monica area. Post your favorite tricks in sunny Santa Monica in CityLegends! Make sure to check out the rich urban scene in Santa Monica as well. More on the street culture of Santa Monica soon. ;)