Must-have parkour gear

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Gear up with this must-have parkour gear. Parkour is the sport of overcoming challenges and obstacles. Freerunners use elements of urban terrain to their benefit creating an urban playground. You do need some things to optimize freerunning: parkour gear. It builds your parkour skill to the max. So, gear up, and get ready to parkour like a pro!

Tip: check out CityLegends for parkour spots!

New Balance shoes

Shoes: the base of parkour

Parkour demands shoes that can handle it all. Here are 3 things your shoes need to have for parkour.

1.    Lightweight and flexible: Shoes which are lightweight and flexible provide the freedom of movement needed for jumps, landings, and precision. How rad?

2.    Don't skip grip: Look for shoes with as ticky sole to maximize traction on different surfaces. You don’t want to slip during a line of backflip, trust us.

3.    Consider durability: You'll be putting your shoes through intense training, so ensure they can stand the wear and tear. Go for quality.

Apparel: comfortable and active

1.    Sportswear that moves with you: Choose breathable, activewear for maximum comfort during your high-energy adventures.

2.    Choose steady materials: If clothes tear easily, they are not made for parkour. Be alert not to use your most expensive flowy pants for freerunning. They can get stuck in something and rip.

Kong vault

Gear up: parkour safety equipment

Please consider these for your own safety.

1.    Safety pads: Landing from height and performing precision jumps can put stress on your knees. Wear knee pads for added support and to minimize impact. Protecting your elbows from scrapes and bruises is a must, especially during vaults and slides.

2.    Chalk: It is very optional, but for extra grip, consider using chalk.

Extra: explore the world parkour and freerunning

1.    Join CityLegends: CityLegends is the place to be to enjoy parkour to its fullest. In CityLegends you can upload parkour clips, win prizes, discover new spots, make new spots, own spots, you name it!

2.    Online tutorials and resources: Check the web for parkour tutorials, tips, and inspiration. Or again, check CityLegends.

3.    Join a local club: Local parkour clubs are the best if you want to be in the middle of the parkour scene and boost your skills.


Gear up and get ready to parkour

Now you know what gear to get, what are you waiting for? This gear will help you improve your parkour game. Invest in shoes, clothes, and safety gear. Make sure to put it to use. Don’t forget to maximize your parkour world with CityLegends. Ready to jump in? Gear up.