Best skatespots Santa Clarita - LA

Emmy Schouten

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Santa Clarita: the gateway to Los Angeles! All the way up in the hills you’ll find this district. It has small-town charm mixed with modern facilities. The view is stunning all-around! Can you imagine skating down these pretty hills? Santa Clarita has some of the nicest skateparks in LA. In this blog, we’ll take you through our favourite skatespots!

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Santa Clarita Skatepark

Santa Clarita Skatepark is a community favourite! This stunning outdoor skatepark has the best obstacles. You’ll find two clover bowls. One is 6-foot and the other a challenging 9-foot. You can drop in with plenty of speed and hit the coolest tricks! It can be quite difficult to get this right. Check out this blog for some extra tips on how to drop in before you visit ;). These bowls are not the only challenging obstacles you’ll find here. There is a U-shaped half pipe, a 10-foot square bowl and plenty of rails and ramps. The U-shaped half pipe is a staple in the community. People all-over LA come here to skate this half pipe. It is super steep but very smooth to ride. With enough practice you can take the coolest videos here. Imagine skating down this ride with sunny palm trees in the back! Beside these challenging obstacles, the park has something for all skill levels. The ramps, stairs and ledges all vary in size and difficulty. You can easily build up your skills here. The park has a nice flow where you can test your creativity. People of all ages are welcome to visit this skatepark. It is open 7 days a week with plenty of lampposts for after dark. Make sure to add this spot to your list!  

Valencia Courthouse Plaza

Valencia Courthouse Plaza has plenty of obstacles to go around! This square is made of concrete and bricks. It has enough trees to keep you cool in the LA sun. There is a big 6-stair that flows into the square. You can combine this line with ledges on the side. Make sure to try out some of the benches as well! These are made of smooth concrete. On the edge is another stair-set. This one is smaller and has steel rails in the middle. How would you skate down this ride? Also don’t forget to explore the trees! These are lined with concrete ledges. You can even skate-off some. These will guarantee to lift you of the ground!


Newhall library  

Explore Newhall library! You can get creative with the rails and ramps. There are many stair-sets in the area. These vary in height and are suitable for all skill-levels! Almost the whole place has a concrete floor. You can also find some concrete blocks throughout. These are perfect to include in your line. Don’t skip out on the benches either! You can include all these obstacles whilst skating. Get creative and post your favourite combinations on CityLegends! The library closes at 8PM during the week, and at 5PM on weekends. Make sure to visit after opening-hours. That way you won’t get shushed by the librarians ;).