How to drop in: dominate the skate park

Lilly Pennings

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What's up, it's time to level up your skateboarding skills and master the art of the drop-in like a true legend. Mastering this skill gives you opportunities to do so much more than before when skateboarding. A drop-in is the essential beginning of skateboarding ramps and bowls.

Skateboarder dropping in

A drop-inis the move where you have to lean into a steep surface with your board. Many skaters find this very scary before attempting. But with the right guide and practicing a lot, you’ll master it in no time. You can especially use this move while at skate parks. But for street skateboarding it’s also nice to know this essential skate move. Let’s get started.

Gear up and get ready to drop in

Before you conquer the drop-in, you gotta gear up. Get yourself a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads. Safety first. Make sure to try mini ramps first, when feeling confident, move on to the big boys. Now on with the guide.

Find your drop in spot and assess the terrain

Scope out the skatepark and find the perfect spot to drop in. A helpful platform is CityLegends, here you have loads of skate spots worldwide. Look for a ramp or bowl with a comfortable slope to ease yourself into the drop-in. Take a moment to assess the terrain and visualize your epic run.

Skateboarder dropping in

Get in position

Now it's time to get in position and channel yourself. Plant your front foot on the skateboard and keep your weight slightly forward. Don’t ever lean backwards while dropping in, you won’t succeed. Visualize your success and get ready to show that ramp who's boss.

Pump it up and feel the drop in rhythm

As you approach the drop-in, start pumping your legs to generate speed and maintain momentum. Listen to the steepness of the ramp, feel the flow and prepare for the launch into the transition downwards.

Commit, go all in and ride the wave

When the time is right, commit. Lean forward and let go of any doubts or fears. Drop in like a fearless beast and ride the wave of adrenaline as you conquer that transition.

Skateboarder dropping in

Stay balanced and embrace the grind

As you descend into the transition, keep your body balanced and maintain control. Bend your knees, stay low, and embrace the grind. Feel the rush as you glide along the surface and conquer any obstacles in your path (when in a half pipe or bowl situation).

Drop in CityLegends

Now that you've mastered the drop in, it's time to hit the streets. The streets and skateparks are full of opportunities for you to drop-in. Go bigger each drop in and eventually impress people with the heights you can handle! If you’re looking to connect with fellow skaters, showcase your skills, and take part in epic challenges, CityLegends is the platform for you.