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Emmy Schouten

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Torrance: The South Bay beachfront! Located south-west of Los Angeles is “Balanced City”. Here the sunny beaches meet the vibrant urban hotspots. Sport is in the DNA of the city. All ages are welcome to try a variety of different sports! More importantly: urban sports. Torrance has plenty of urban gems to explore! In this blog, we’ve lined up our favourite skate spots in the area.

Alondra Skatepark  

One of the nicest parks in the area has got to be Alondra Skatepark! The concrete is decorated with skate art and there are palm trees all-around. It is a super pretty park. The obstacles flow together in different heights. This pushes the creativity of skaters! There are multiple bow sections and ramps. These are all lined up with smooth rails and ledges. Only skaters and in-line skaters are welcome. This makes it a super tight community! People share their best skate tips and tricks. The park is very diverse. Skaters from all levels explore this terrain! You can watch the pro-skaters show of the most popular skateboarding brands and sickest tricks. It is even fun to just spectate before learning how to skateboard yourself ;)


Harbor City Recreation Center

Another community hub is Harbor City Recreation Center! The compact design has everything you need to get started. There is even a clover-inspired bowl! This ride challenges the most advanced skaters. There are ledges and stairs combining different sections of the park. There is a super sick ramp on the edge of the park. This gives you enough speed to cover all the concrete you want! The skatepark is very pretty. The concrete is decorated with splashes of yellow throughout the park. This eye-catching park welcomes everybody! It can be a bit crowed during the weekends. It is open 7 days a week till 9PM. The park is well-lit in the dark. You can try out your favourite tricks even after sunset!  

Explore the pretty ocean view!

Street skating is a must when you visit Terrance! There is smooth concrete all throughout the city. It is a playground for the most creative skaters! You can try to out some skills on the urban layout. You can explore the pretty greenery of Charles H. Wilson Park. They have plenty of stairs and ledges in the park. You can try out underground spots and share them with the community on CityLegends! Even nicer is coasting down Torrance Beach boulevard! The view here is mesmerising. The sunny LA beaches meet the Pacific Ocean. It is one of the prettiest sights LA has to offer. Imagine skating here during sunset, ocean breeze on your face. What’s not to love?  

Street skating

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Explore Torrance!  

These are our favourite skate-spots! Torrance is an urban paradise for skaters. The whole city is your playground! Let us know which one is your favourite on CityLegends! You can enter battles, contests and win challenges on Torrence territory ;).