Best Skateparks Long Beach

Emmy Schouten

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Long Beach is a gem in South LA! This sunny place is definitely worth a visit. The pretty beaches meet a vibrant urban community. Even better are the skateparks! In this blog, we’ve lined up our favourite skatespots in Long Beach:

Robert Gumbimer Skatepark

This outdoor skatepark has everything you need! This compact skatepark is located near East Village. It has a super nice curved ledge. Would you take on the challenge? There is a steep ramp that flows into other obstacles. You can combine this with a kicker or rails. There are benches lined up near the side. These aren’t just for taking a break ;). You can combine this with the bowl-meets-ramp situation on the edge of the park. You can get creative here and push yourself! With enough speed you can flow to the park with ease. Make sure to visit this park.

Skating in Long Beach

Orzaba Park Skatepark

This spot is a new addition to the Long Beach skate-community! The skatepark is approximately 3,000 square feet. It is designed to help beginners get into the groove of skateboarding. Orzaba is a great place to progress before moving onto complex rides. The smooth concreted is designed to flow together perfectly. The left side has a super smooth ledge. This is great for beginner skateboarding tricks. There is a small ramp on the edge. This will give you plenty of speed for the kicker. The park has a fence for safety. All the locals gear-up before skateboarding. Make sure to have skateboard safety gear before your visit!

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Bixby Skatepark Long Beach

This park is a real eye-catcher! The red obstacles colour the concrete. Its nickname even is Cherry Park ;). It is an iconic skatepark in the community. There is a funbox and pole jam. There are also enough kickers, gaps and bumps. The set-up is great! It can get quite busy during the day. You can also visit it at night. Everything is well-lit and much quieter after dark. The rails and ledges are well-maintained. They remain super smooth. This makes it super easy to grind!

Long Beach skateboarder

Recreation Skatepark

Our last skatepark in Long Beach! This is Recreation Skatepark in the east. It is located in a big green park with plenty of facilities, like parking spots and toilets nearby.  The park is a rectangular concrete floor. It has a flat bar and manual pad. The park is very compact. You can easily explore it in one afternoon. The concrete is surrounded by grass, which can break your fall. This makes it a safe spot to try out some challenging tricks. It is a good beginner spot if you always wanted to learn some basics: How to stop a skateboard? How to ollie on a skateboard? How to turn on a skateboard? Recreation Skateparks answers all your questions!