Best skateparks in Glendale

Emmy Schouten

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Glendale has one of the biggest skate communities in LA. There are plenty of cool skate spots in the area. Behind the San Gabriel Mountains are some true urban gems. Unique to Glendale is the diversity within the community. From absolute beginners to the most advanced skaters, everybody can enjoy the concrete in Glendale! We’ve lined up our favourite skateparks in the area.

Verdugo Skate Park  

Verdugo Skate Park is a true community hub. It has been open 7 days a week for over 2 decades. Generations of skaters have explored this iconic concrete. It is open to inline skaters and skateboarders of all skill-levels and ages. Its main focus is getting the youth involved in urban sports. Everybody under 18 has free entrance, making it super easy to join in. The park itself is huge. There is over 15,000 square feet of terrain to be explored. There are bowl sections, rails and ramps. The eye-catcher has to be the Snakerun. This flows right into a 9 ft bowl with a loveseat. It is an advanced ride that challenges skilled skaters. Verdugo Skate Park is definitely a must-visit!  


Crescenta Valley Skate Park

The award for skatepark with prettiest view has to go to Crescenta. This cool skate spot is surrounded by the green LA mountains. This park is super well maintained. The skate community truly takes care of this place! Besides skateboarders, the park is open to scootering, inline and BMX as well. The park is filled with cool obstacles, rails and a bowl section. There is a curved ledge for exciting grinds and slides! The park has many parking spots, bathrooms and even a water fountain. There is also enough shade, making it possible to practice on the hottest days. Tip: stay until sunset! The orange sky disappearing behind the green mountains is the perfect setting for your favourite tricks.

Chevy Chase Skatepark

Chevy Chase skatepark is a must visit for beginners. The ramps and ledges are beginner friendly. The whole design is great forskaters new to the game. There are a few bowls to practice drop-ins. The community here is open and respectful. Everyone gives space to try out some beginner skate tricks. There are cheap skate classes available. Loads of parents take their kids here for their first ride! The safety is also on point here. There are regular helmet checks and pads are a must. This is a great place for your first rides.

Tip: Want to know how to drop in? Check out this page!


Post your favourite spots!

Explore the Glendale area. It is a super diverse community with skate spots for every skill level. Post your new favourite spots in CityLegends and let us know what you think!