Best Skate Spots in Norwalk

Emmy Schouten

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Norwalk is one of the fastest growing communities in California. For nearly 7 decades, Norwalk brightened up LA. It connects the sunny coast with the lively city. The community is actively involved in improving the urban scene of Norwalk. Its 2020 vision includes providing the best facilities for the community. With this come some exciting skateboarding developments! In this blog, we’ll take you through our current favourite skate spots in Norwalk.

Street skateboarder

Norwalk Park Skatepark

This skatepark is the biggest in the area! It combines a smooth concrete floor with wooden obstacles. These obstacles are fit for all skill-levels! Beginners can start on the smaller ramps in the corner. More advanced skaters can flow through this park with ease. Everything is lined-up perfectly. You can use the speed from the ramp on the banks. Push your limits and try out some creative lines! There is a 6-stair in the middle. Connect this with the ledge and you are guaranteed a sick trick! The possibilities are endless. Recently, the City Council announced a complete renovation. The skatepark will be moved to an even better location. Until then, make sure to explore the concrete while you still can ;).

Street skateboarding

Norwalk Boulevard

Norwalk Boulevard is perfect for street skating. The concrete sidewalks are super well-maintained. You can cruise down these with ease. Benches are lined up besides the sidewalk. These are perfect for tricks in between your ride! If you go all the way up north you’ll find some cool spots. At the back of Nettie Waite Middle School is a nice stair-set. You easily can spot this white platform. It is a 4-stair with steel rails. This can be a challenging spot for most people! It is quite steep and slick. Make sure to gear up before grinding down here. Don’t know what to wear? Check out this blog for skating essentials. When you’re done exploring this 4-stair, go just around the corner! There you’ll find some yellow ledges. They are the perfect height for starters. It can be quite intimidating to go big on your first try. Here you can safely get in the groove. The final spot near Norwalk Boulevard is at the back of Central Kitchen. This spot has a 5-stair with ledges and a gap! How would you take on these spots?

Street skateboarding

Norwalk Town Square

In this area you will find some nice obstacles! Near Blazin Claw are some smooth ledges. You can spot these by their yellow colour. There is also a manual that you can check out. You should also explore the parking places. These have plenty of space to safely practice your tricks. The floor is very easy to ride. The parking spots have some interesting concrete blocks. Are you creative enough for this challenge? Push your skills on these blocks! If you want the floor to yourself, visit after 5PM. Most business are closed by then. It’ll be just you, your board, and endless possibilities ;).