Best scooter spots in Lynnwood - LA

Emmy Schouten

Lynnwood Skatepark

Lynnwood skatepark is a must visit. The park is open 24/7 and entry is free. Doesn’t that sound like music to your ears? This place is packed with obstacles. Make sure to bring protective gear with you as it is part of the park’s policy. It has a mini ramp, wall ride, bowl and way more. Of course they have plenty of ledges and rails for a grind. Would you try out your stall here? Even better is the flow in this park. It is super easy to include different obstacles in your ride. You can really push your skills here or just follow the flow. Everything is made of good quality concrete. Are you looking for some tricks to try out here? This page is full with inspiration for your next visit to Lynwood Skatepark.  

Scooter ramp

Imperial Courts Skatepark

This colourful park has some crazy obstacles. Blue obstacles pop out of the smooth concrete. You even have a wavy part that flows up and down. Imagine cruising your stunt scooter down here! On the wall of the ramp is a big painting of a tree. This will make for some sick videos. Besides the ramp there are obstacles you’ll find in every basic park. Imperial Courts lacks rails but the ledges will do just fine for a grind. The place doesn’t have a gate so make sure to test your brakes before going ;). It is open 24/7 as well. Only thing is the lack of light. Best not scooter here after dark, or bring your own lights. It is a great park for beginners to practice some basic skills and movements. Looking for more scooter tricks for beginners? Check out this page.

Monitor Skatepark

Fresh out of 2015, this park spans over 6,000 ft2 of great obstacles and concrete. This outdoor scooter park is perfect for practicing your scooter skills. It has flat rails, a 5-stair and even a pool section. Some local artists decorated the place with plenty of graffiti. It gives the perfect urban vibe to the park. Make sure that you know how to drop-in before visiting here! The heights here can be a bit intimidating to beginners. Other than that, everybody is free to scooter here. This park is open 24/7 as well, with plenty of lights for when it gets dark. Monitor Skatepark is perfect for the morning persons and night-owls.

Scooter air trick

Long Beach Boulevard

Our last place in Lynnwood is a true street spot. Right on Long Beach Boulevard and Southern Ave is a big parking lot. This place is massive! Most of the time there are no cars to be found. You can practice your kicks and flips here without any spectators. There is also a pole jam if you want to step up your game here. Who needs scooter parks when you have everything you need on the street? You can also just cruise down the boulevard and get creative with your obstacles. There are plenty of ledges, rails and benches along the way. Let us know what you think of this spot on CityLegends!