Best scooter spots in Downtown LA!

Emmy Schouten

Downtown LA is packed with amazing scooter spots. It can be hard to find these spots in the busy LA-streets. Luckily for you, we’ve found the best places. We’ll take you through some of our favourite spots, where you can practice your scooter stunts in peace.

Pershing Square

Pershing Square is a super versatile street spot. The whole place is filled with smooth concrete perfect for cruising. It has multiple stair sections, gaps, rails and ledges. It will give you just enough height difference for your favourite tricks. You can easily try some bar spins here.

Even better is the amount of free space here. It is over 5 acres big! This massive spot is known for its outdoor activities. The vibe is very welcoming and you wont get thrown out. Sometimes there are organised activities or festivals here. It’s best to keep an eye out for those and visit another time. Other than that, it’s rarely ever busy! Pershing Square is also filled with green patches of grass. You can chill here in-between stunts, or have a soft landing when practicing flips ;).

Scooter rail trick

Little Tokyo

Little Tokyo is a super cool neighbourhood downtown. This place is packed with the best street spots. You must check out the Japanese American National Museum! It has a massive 9-stair made of brand new concrete. You will definitely get enough speed for the best scooter tricks. If you’re looking for a less challenging spot, check out City Hall South. This is another great spot with plenty of obstacles. It has ledges, stairs and even a small hill. The hill is perfect for trying out some rotations. Show us how many degrees you can hit here on CityLegends. Another sick spot in Little Tokyo is the Square on Main Street - Temple Street. The floor is made out of a super satisfying brick pattern. It is filled with steep quarters and stairs. Perfect for a tail whip, or even some simple scooter tricks for beginners. Don’t skip out on Little Tokyo!

Scooter air trick

Lake Street Community Center

Hidden in Lake Street is a compact skatepark. It’s a super welcoming community with regular events and a great vibe. The skatepark isn’t supervised and free for scooters to check out. Inside the park are plenty of obstacles. It has a very nice flow, so you can hit multiple obstacles in one run. Make sure to wear some protective gear when trying on the big ramp. There are two ramps are lined perfectly together. It gives you more than enough speed. You can definitely hit some tricks mid-air. This place is very welcoming towards beginners. It’s a safe space to try out some easy scooter tricks, or just watch others first. Still unsure how to start? Check out this page for some beginner scooter tips.

Scooter ramp