5 Scooter brands you should know about!

April 9, 2024

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The most important thing for scootering is finding the perfect scooter for you! Before you can hit the concrete, you need to navigate your way through all different kinds of brands to find your perfect match. Sounds challenging? Look no further! We have lined up 5 of the best stunt scooter brands you should know about.

Scooter trick


Chilli is one of the leading brands in the scooter game. They have created a high-end scooter lineup for all ages and skill levels. You can choose the sickest scooters. Starting with the Youngsters leading up to the Allstars all the way up to the Riders choice! A Chilli pro scooter is made with high-end genuine professional material. They have teamed up with some of the best talents in the game to create the best Chilli stunt scooter for you! Take Archie Cole, hitting the ISF world championship on his Chilli pro scooter Reaper. Want a scooter like the pro’s, matching your skill level? Chilli is the brand for you!


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MaddGear Pro

MaddGear Pro brings Australia’s outdoor culture to the world. The MaddGear Pro scooter or MGP pro scooter for short, is a cutting-edge scooter capable of pushing the limits of the sport. MGP fine-tuned new technologies and features to create one of the best scooters in the game. The scooter is set up with lightweight decks and a reliable frame. This makes them perfect for your favorite skills! Their lineup fits all ages and skill levels. This versatility makes it possible to express your unique style on the streets. MaddGear Pro brings one of the leading designs in the game!



Apollo Pro scooter brings the perfect combination of performance, durability and style! Founded in the skate capital Cologne, the urban community runs through their veins. Apollo’s scooters are constructed with high-end materials, and tested rigorously to ensure extreme durability. Their eye-catching designs and unlimited customizable options allow riders to explore their unique style. Apollo pro scooters are built to handle the toughest landings and coolest tricks. Mastering new tricks or exploring the urban landscapes of your city? Apollo is the eye-catcher you need.


Lucky Pro Scooters

Lucky Pro Scooters: built for world champions, designed for everyone. The Lucky Pro scooter stands for quality, design to perform and urban community. They have been one of the leading players in the scooter game since 2008. The Lucky stunt scooter is often seen in the tricks of the world’s great. Their legendary team is stacked with world champions. These riders contribute to creating the best lineup for you. Their scooter lineup is super versatile, growing with each generation. Their focus is on the champions of the future. Sounds like you? Make sure to check out Lucky Pro Scooters.


Scooter deck

Apex Pro Scooters

Apex Pro Scooters provides riders with durable, lightweight and comfortable designs since 2010. The Apex stunt scooter is manufactured with top-notch scooter parts. Their team is stacked with professionals ensuring the best quality for over 10 years. Their urban DNA is founded in Gold Coast, Australia. This allows Apex to oversee every step in production, ensuring the perfect fit every time. Apex continuously raises the bar in the scooter game.


There you have it! Our handpicked selection of the finest scooter brands. Find your perfect match and get scootering. Don’t forget to pair your newfound brand with the right gear and hit the streets safely