How to turn on a skateboard

Lilly Pennings

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Yo, are you ready to take your skateboard skills to the next level? Master the art of turning like a pro. Look no further, because we've got you covered! In this blog, we'll break down turning on a skateboard. From basic beginner moves to insane skate bowl maneuvers. So, grab your board, gear up and let’s get turning.


Turning is crucial for your skate game

Turning isn't just a flashy move, it's a fundamental skill. It sets the foundation for all your other tricks and maneuvers. Think of turning as the gateway to mastering flip tricks, grinds, and slides. Without solid turning skills, nailing those sick tricks will be way harder!


Difficulty level: Beginner

Turning on a skateboard comes in all forms. From smooth carves to gnarly flip trick body varials. For beginners, start with carving and kickturns. These will level up your turning game. Basic moves build up to advanced moves like air slides overgaps.

How to carve

Carving is where it all starts. This move is all about controlling your board's direction with your body. Here's how you do it:

  1. Get some serious speed going.
  1. Get comfortable with your feet shoulder-width apart and a slight knee bend.
  1. Begin the turn by twisting your body from the waist, leading with your shoulders or hips.
  1. As you carve, lean your weight into the turn, letting your back shoulder point the other way.
  1. Finish off by shifting your weight back to the center before straightening out. This creates a turn.




Kickturns are a classic move. Want to nail this turn? Here's how:

  1. Cruise up to your target direction.
  1. Put your weight on your front foot. Shift forward gradually while slightly lifting your back foot.
  1. Quickly transfer your weight to the back foot, popping the front wheel off the ground (kick).
  1. With the front of the board in the air, snap your back foot down. Turn the board and your body (turn).
  1. As the board faces the new direction, bend your knees to land clean and ride away like a boss.


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Difficulty level: Medium


Powerslides are the definition of style and control. Want to slide and glide like a pro? Check it:

  1. Build up some serious speed.
  1. Prepare to slide, tilt your board into the turn. Match your shoulders to the board.
  1. Shift your weight onto your back foot. At the same time apply pressure on the wheels to start the slide.
  1. Maintain the slide by balancing on the back foot. Slightly lifting the front one.
  1. To end the slide, lean back onto both feet. Then grip the ground and ride away.

You got it! Ready to turn like a pro?


Bowl turning

Difficulty level: Advanced

Bowl turning

If you want to become a legend at turning. You must master skate bowl transitions!

  1. Start by pumping the transition, shifting your weight between front and back foot.
  1. As you approach the corner, lean into the desired direction like a boss.
  1. Unload the front truck's weight by pushing back and slightly lifting your front foot.
  1. Keep your eyes locked on the target and your shoulders twisted toward the turn.
  1. As you hit the peak of the turn, pivot your front truck. Pump down on the back truck.
  1. Repeat this until you conquer the bowl.

Turn like a pro

There you have it. Turning like a pro takes time, effort, and a boatload of practice. Don't give up if you stumble along the way. Keep pushing, trying, and tweaking your moves. Before you know it, you’re carving, kickturning, and dominating skate bowls. Now that you’ve got turning down, explore the street by doing tricks and building your skate skill. CityLegends is great for diving into the online world of skate. Check it out!