Top 5 Best Skate Spots Antwerp

Lilly Pennings

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Antwerp, the Belgian city with lots of skate parks. As CityLegends, we’ve selected the very best skate spots of Antwerp in our top 5. These spots are ranked by the skate community, so you can count on us! You don’t find rad spots like these in every city, you must check Antwerp if you’re into cool skate parks. So read along, enjoy and book your trip to Antwerp while you’re at it! 

Skatepark Antwerpen-Noord: bowls and full pipes

This skatepark is insane, it’s considered one of the best in Belgium and some even say Europe. Skatepark Antwerpen-Noord really has it all: ramps, rails, curbs, pools, ledges but most importantly bowls. The steep bowls are the cool main characteristic of this skatepark, but the absolute star is the full pipe. It is one of the most difficult obstacles in skateboarding, which is why this park isn’t exactly for beginners. 

CityLegends rating: 4.8 out of 5

Antwerpen Noord skatepark - Trucks and Fins
Credits: Trucks and Fins

Blikfabriek Skate Depot: Skate only happiness

Skate Depot, located on the urban terrain of the Blikfabriek Antwerp is one of most huge skate parks of Belgium. This skate-only skatepark has tons of variation. You can find almost every skating obstacle possible at this spot (except a full pipe ;) ). The place is great for beginners, but for pro’s as well. Yet the place doesn’t have many big ramps, but the spot is great for skateboarders. A big plus is the fact that you’re surrounded by skateboarders only, which can be really cool for a change. 

CityLegends rating: 4.8 out of 5

Parkloods: Skate urban

Parkloods skatepark is so sick because you’re in the middle of the city, skateboarding in an old urban building. The vibe and scene is rad at this spot. It was created in 2019 for a skateboarding competition, since then it’s managed by the skate academy Antwerp. It’s dope that a great spot like this is owned by the skate community themselves. Because it was created for a competition, all of the key elements for a great skatepark are there. Other skills such as scooter and BMX use the cool urban park as well. 

CityLegends rating: 4.8 out of 5


Stadspark: A great (skate) park all year round

This spot is open all year, people of all skills gather here to have a good time. The park is pretty well equipped for an outdoor park, although it isn’t as spectacular as other parks on this list, it’s perfect for a normal day of skateboarding. The spot is in the middle of Antwerp, which makes it very accessible.  No wonder why it's rated 4.5 out of 5 by skateboarders! 

CityLegends rating: 4.5 out of 5


Wilrijk University: two ramp park

Last but not least on the list we have the skate spot Wilrijk University. This outdoor skatepark lies at a university which makes it a cool spot to hang and skate for students. The spot has it’s basic obstacles, the true awesome challenge lies in the steep ramps. These ramps are for daredevils only, the park is great for practicing on a beginner level but also to visit as a pro. But so are all the skate spots in this top 5. Make sure to check these spots out and upload a clip to CityLegends while you’re at it. You might win something!

CityLegends rating: 4.4 out of 5

Antwerp: Skatepark paradise

Antwerp, the place to find really sick skateparks. The quality of these parks is absolutely insane and these are really appreciated by the community. It’s good to see that Antwerp really invested in their urban culture, which is why there are so many great skateparks. After you check out the really cool skate parks in Antwerp, make sure to do the same for CityLegends: the app to find new spots, battle, post clips and connect with the community.