(Top 10) Skateparks in Europe

Maud Buskens

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Wondering “where are (indoor) skateparks near me?” Of course, we don’t know where you’re based. So, we covered entire Europe! We already wrote about parks and spots in the following cities. If you’re based there, check out those blogs as well: Berlin, Antwerp, Utrecht, Barcelona, The Hague, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Eindhoven, Munich, Den Bosch.

Let’s get to it. These are some of the best skateparks in Europe, in random order.

Skatepark Péitruss

Skatepark Péitruss, Luxembourg

Let’s start off in one of the smallest countries in Europe: Luxembourg. This is an outdoor skatepark, surrounded by beautiful nature. The whole area is 3.400m2. 2.000m2 is surface area for skateboarding. The remaining surface contains 1.300m2 traditional street, a 600m2 street plaza and a600m2 bowl. Never a dull moment with the scenery and high-quality elements here!

Stapelbäddsparken & Byggeriet, Malmö

The Stapelbäddspark in Malmö, Sweden, is designed by skateboard association Byggeriet. Therefore, the parks quality and rideability is an excellent match to the needs of the scene. It’s one of the biggest outdoor parks in Europe. Byggeriet also has its own indoor skatepark in Malmö. It was built in 1998, making it an old park. However, it doesn’t budge the quality! The park gets updates regularly to maintain this. Malmö, a city worth a visit!

Poststadion skatepark, Berlin

This concrete jungle is only a 10-minute walk from Berlins Central Station. Flatrails, deep bowls, and speed bumps get this park crowded with skateboarding enthusiasts. Not the prettiest scenery or nature, but you can enjoy some graffiti walls and of course, Berlin itself! If you’re looking for an indoor park in Berlin, check out Skate Hall Berlin.


The Cradle

The Cradle, Brixlegg

Another big outdoor skatepark, this time with a beautiful scenery. This one is based in Austria. This skatepark is divided in three areas containing a huge bowl and street area. The special thing about this park is the cradle. You can carve overhead in this bowl, how sick! Prepare yourself with some good gear before taking on this challenge ;).

Espace de Glisse Paris 18 (EGP 18), Paris

Of course, we can’t exclude Paris. In the city center you will find a big indoor skatepark called EGP 18. With their 3000m2 area, the park provides multiple bowls, a street area, and a special area for beginners. There are various initiatives like a women’s day, as well as an inline skating day.

House of Vans

House of Vans, London

It’s not the biggest skatepark, but definitely worth mentioning. House of Vans is an indoor hub. Not only will you find skateboarders, but there are also a lot of artists and musicians who come together at this place. This unique place for art, music and sports is located beneath Waterloo Station.

Le Hangar Skatepark, Nantes

Le Hangar in Nantes is a huge indoor park of 5300m2. If you’re wondering what this heaven looks like, you can check out their website. There you can virtually pay a visit to the skatepark, and we’ll assure you, it’s 5300m2 of heavenly goodness. Urban art is engaged in this park. You’ll find sick art on the walls of this indoor park.


Skatepark Řeporyje

Skatepark Řeporyje, Prague-Řeporyje

A difficult name, but a true gem. This skatepark is based in Czech Republic and is a new urban hub. The park is part of an urban hub, where multiple activities are integrated. There is a pump track, a training facility for parkour, even an outdoor cinema! An awesome area where culture events are held. The idea for this multifunctional area came from local residents!

Grammont, Montpellier

If you think you know what big is, think again. This skatepark in Montpellier, France, was built in 1992. In 2022, a renovation of the park has started. Hold tight, the total coverage of the park is estimated to be 9000m2! We repeat, 9000m2!!! Damn, it’s massive. That must be one of the biggest parks in Europe, right?

Amsterdam - Zeeburgereiland

The biggest outdoor skatepark in The Netherlands is Skatepark Zeeburgereiland. Open since 2020, the park welcomes beginners and advanced skateboarders, BMX riders and inliners. The whole park is made of concrete, which ensures you’ll have a smooth ride. If you’re looking for indoor skateparks in The Netherlands, you should plan a short roadtrip. There are a lot of good indoor parks which are worth mentioning. Check out Pier15, Area51, Burnside, Waalhalla, and so on!

Europe is full of amazing skateparks, these are just a few! These are all quite big parks. Are you looking for more, something different, in other locations, you name it? Check CityLegends for a map full of sick spots!