How to do a tailwhip: The ultimate 5-step tutorial

Lilly Pennings

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BMX shredders! Ready to take your BMX game to the next level and unlock the trick known as the tailwhip? Get ready for an epic journey as we dive into the nitty-gritty of mastering this jaw-dropping trick. Bring your BMX, strap on your helmet and let’s own this trick with these 5 easy steps.

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BMX'er doing a tailwhip

What's the deal with tailwhips?

So, what's a tailwhip, anyways? It's a mind-blowing trick where you kick the back end of your BMX bike around while flying through the air. It's all about finesse, timing and showing off your mad skills to the world. A tailwhip is very beginner friendly, when new to the BMX scene. Make sure to practice this one early on before you move on to other classic BMX tricks.

5 step tutorial

1. Get your stance down

Before you bust out that tailwhip, make sure you're good with your stance. Find a comfortable and balanced position on your bike and get ready to do this trick. Also make sure you record your attempt; it can be useful looking back to old clips while learning this trick.

2. Pump it up

To get some serious air, you’ve got to pump! Use your body to generate momentum by shifting your weight upwards as you ride up the ramp. Then, launch yourself in the air. The more speed and height, the better!

3. Take flight and kick that tail

While in the air, kick that tailwhip into action. Use your leading foot (left or right)to flick the back end of your bike to the side while staring forward. Don't move your body along with the tail. Make sure your feet don’t get dragged along while you kick the tail.

4. Stay focused and spot your landing

As your bike completes the 360-degree rotation, keep your eyes locked on the landing spot. Spotting your landing is crucial to ensure you stick that tailwhip with style and finesse. Land with both feet on the pedals again and shift your weight to the middle of your BMX.

5. Stick the landing and celebrate!

Now that you've successfully completed the tailwhip, it's time to stick that landing like a true legend. Keep your knees bent, absorb the impact and roll away. You just did a tailwhip! Got a good clip of it? Post it to CityLegends and share with your friends!

BMX bikes

Extra tips to boost your tailwhip game

Looking for that extra edge? Here are some tips to take your tailwhip skills to the next level:

  • Practice, practice, practice! The more you put in the work, the quicker you'll nail that tailwhip.
  • Start with small jumps and ramps before going big. Safety first!
  • Keep your body loose and relaxed, allowing smooth and fluid movements.
  • Don't forget to land with your pedals leveled for max. control.
  • Most importantly, film yourself in action. Then post to CityLegends.

BMX air trick

The tailwhip is your ticket to BMX greatness. With this 5-step tutorial by your side, you’ll master it in no time. The tailwhip is a great trick to start elevating your BMX game. When done perfectly: have that adrenaline rush and leave bystanders in awe. Perfect your tailwhip and move on to the next trick. For inspiration, check out other classic BMX tricks. The streets are waiting for you!