Street Culture in Ladera Heights

Emmy Schouten

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Ladera Heights: “The Black Beverly Hills.” It is one of the most culturally diverse communities in LA. The vibrant neighborhood is well-known for its thriving art scene, many festivals and tight community. Sport is a big part of Ladera Heights! With modern facilities, plenty of local community centers and a rich urban scene for skateboarding, parkour and BMX.  In this blog we have lined up 4 essentials for street culture in Ladera Heights.  

1. Architecture

In the 60s, Ladera Heights was developed as a luxurious suburban for the Afro-American community. At a time of extreme racism Ladera Heights was a symbol of progress. Over the years, the community massively expanded! It became the go-to destination for influential people and celebrities. This cultural richness and diversity resulted in some of the coolest architecture! They took inspiration from all-around. From midcentury homes to topnotch mansions, Ladera Heights is very diverse! These different styles evolved in some cool designs, making Ladera Heights a leading figure in the architectural game.  

Architecture Ladera Heights


2. The Art and Music Scene  

All cultures and styles blend together in Ladera. This results in the most unique art and music. Ladera Heights is filled with local art galleries and art centers. The coolest local art is showcased on every corner. You can spot every artform there is. From mixed media to contemporary sculpturers and the sickest paintings. They invite viewers to engage with the art and explore all creative layers. This is essential to their street culture! Beyond these vibrant galleries is one of the liveliest music scenes. The local venues host all genres like Jazz, Indie, Hip-Hop, R&B, you name it! They challenge traditional music views and experiment with genre-crossovers and new sounds. Ladera Heights is the perfect place for artistic experiments!  

Museum in Ladera Heights

3. Festivals and Events  

This cultural diversity is regularly celebrated in Ladera. There are music festivals like the Jazz Festival or Music Fest. These are designed to spread newly found sounds in the community and beyond. Besides music, Ladera hosts every other festival you could imagine. There is the Art Walk, Film Festival, Food Fest, Sports Festival and many more. Everybody can join in on the fun. It brings the whole community together. These festivals are part of Ladera Heights’ DNA!  

Music event

4. Sports and more!

The Sports Festival is not the only sporting event in Ladera. The community is one of the most active of LA. With plenty of team sports, public sport facilities and a large urban scene. The Ladera Heights Recreation Center is the core of it all. They provide everything for a lowkey sport session, to friendly competition and fiery sport leagues. Soccer, tennis and yoga are frequent activities. Even bigger is the street skateboarding community. With well-maintained bike paths and lots of concrete, street skating is a must!

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Explore the Street Culture of Ladera Heights!

Ladera Heights has one of the most diverse street cultures! From high-end architecture to lively art on every corner, and sick festivals all year around. Its rich history shines through in every scene. Ladera Heights is the cultural pioneer of LA.  

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