Street Culture in Downtown Los Angeles

Emmy Schouten

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Los Angeles is a cultural giant in the urban sports world! The LA skateboard community is world-famous! Urban sports like BMX, parkour and scootering are everywhere. The walls of Downtown LA are decorated with the coolest street art and graffiti. There is urban culture all over! In this blog we’ll line up some of the highlights of street culture in the Downtown LA area.

Art District 

Just a stone-throw away from the Downtown LA is the Art district. It is the Walhalla for murals. It is home to some of the world’s most famous street art. With murals changing constantly, you can endlessly explore the coolest art! Most of the art is created by local artists. Names like WRDSMITH and HUEMAN are pioneers in LA’s street culture. Their art features impressive quotes, colorful designs and groundbreaking messages. It inspires urban communities all over the globe!

Mural of dragon


Shop your favorite urban pieces!  

From the most popular skateboarding clothing brands to the newest shoe designs, the shops downtown have it all! There are plenty of pop-up stores and urban startups in the area. You can explore new styles and expand your wardrobe! The local community is super involved in these businesses. They create fresh designs, inspired by the street culture of Los Angeles.  

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Skateboarding culture

At the heart of the street culture of Downtown LA lies street skating. The architecture downtown is a playground for the most creative skaters in the scene. This community goes beyond skate spots. They inspired skate brands, skate shops and social hubs all over the area. This community exchanges tips, stories and trends that reach beyond the city. This majorly influences local street culture. This culture continues to inspire urban scenes globally!

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Food Trucks

You can’t imagine the LA urban landscape without food trucks! This urban phenomenon is essential to street culture downtown. The best dishes in LA can be enjoyed casually on the streets. This makes it super lowkey to join in! Food trucks mix cultures from all over the world. This leads to innovational creations that inspire cooks everywhere! It is more than just food. It crosses the boundaries between cultures and brings communities together. Some famous spots are Batterfish, Crispy Cuban and Pickles & Peas. Check them out in-between skateboarding, parkour, scootering or BMX ;).

Fish & Chips food truck

Get exploring!

These are the essential street culture highlights of Downtown LA! It is a super diverse area. Art, shops, sports and food – what more could you wish for? Downtown LA has everything for the perfect day out. Explore your favorite urban spots and post them on CityLegends! Want to know more about urban street culture? Check out this page!