Street culture: street art and skateboarding

Lilly Pennings

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What do you get when you combine the adrenaline-fueled world of skateboarding with expressive art of the streets? An explosive blend of creativity and skill that will leave you breathless. Street art and skateboarding are a match made in heaven! They go way back. Let’s dive in on this awesome connection.


Artsy roots of skateboarding

At the get-go, skateboarding has been an art form in its own. It's an expression of individualism, creativity, and freedom. When it comes to skateboarding apparel and graphic design, street art plays a huge role. Skate apparel designs often feature bold colors with graffiti elements that blend skate into street art.

The riste of street art

Street art is as old as the streets themselves. Graffiti started as a subculture for rebels, artists took their canvases to the walls and buildings of cities. Street art is all around the world. It's now a mainstream art form. The fearless creativity of street art has made it a critical element in the world of art. It continues to gain global recognition as time goes by. How cool?

Street skate

The intersection of street art and skate culture

The connection between the two art forms is natural. The streets have always been a playground for skaters, and it has also been a canvas for street artists. They both take inspiration from the urban landscape and bring it to life in vibrant and dynamic ways. Skate culture is a way of life that celebrates creativity, freedom, and the willingness to take risks. Street art embodies those same core values.

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The collab between street artists and skateboard brands

Many skate brands have collaborated with street artists. Collaborations with street artists bring unique designs, colors, and styles to skateboards. This offers new ways to express individualism, just like the art. This way apparel has become huge in skateboarding. Skate gear is also just wanting to express yourself just as street artists do.

Street ramp

Building legacy through expression

The connection between street art and skate culture is more than just aesthetics. It's about pushing boundaries, breaking norms, and letting your creativity run wild.It's a way to leave a mark and build a legacy that celebrates individuality, talent, and courage. Ready for the challenge? Go to CityLegends and upload your skate or street art clip!

Skateboarding and street art - a dynamic duo

Street art and skate culture go together like peanut butter and jelly. They're both driven by creativity, individualism, and freedom. When it comes down to street art and skate culture, it's not just about who looks the coolest. It's about leaving a lasting impression on the world and being fearlessly unique. That's what makes us CityLegends.