How to stop on a skateboard

April 9, 2024

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Skaters! Ready to put the brakes on and show off some sick stopping skills? Let’s learn how to stop on a skateboard like a boss. Get ready to conquer the streets and stop like it’s nothing. With these tips you’ll know how to stop even in the trickiest situations.

Tip: Safety first, check out your essential skate gear here.

Foot drag

The basics: Foot drag

When it's time to slow down and stop, do the classic foot drag. Start shifting your front foot from horizontally to vertically on the board. Simply drag your back foot on the ground, using your shoe as a brake. This way you keep balance and brake smoothly. Friction is your friend.

Level up: Powerslide

Ready for amore stylish and technical stop? Say hello to the powerslide! Shift your weight to the back foot. Then kick out your board sideways and slide those wheels. This way you’ll slide with decreasing speed until you stop. It looks sick and slows you down.

Next-level skills: The Coleman slide

Feeling like you want to take it up a notch and stop like a true legend? Introducing the Coleman slide. A slide with both hands on the ground while your board slides smoothly. Beforehand, practice standing low on your board. Balance is key. It takes practice, but it's totally worth it.

Safety check: Braking on hills

When shredding down hills, be cautious stopping. Use a combination of foot dragging, powerslides, and Coleman slides. It can be challenging to do these all at once. When you really can’t stop, jump off your board. This way you can control speed on steep hills. Be equipped with gear so if you must jump, you’re not hurt. ‍

Keep practicing, don't give up!

Becoming a master of the brake ain't gonna happen with one try. Practice, practice, and then practice some more. Start with small speed work your way up. Consistency is the key to nailing those awesome stops. Especially hills take practice. Practice on small ramps before you take on the big ones. ‍

Now stop on the streets!

Foot drag, powerslide and the Coleman slide. These types of brakes are the basic info you need before you hit the streets. Use these and build your skate skills. Feeling confident? Post a clip of your skills to CityLegends. The platform for you. In CityLegends you can upload skate clips, win battles, challenges, and tournaments. Explore skate spots with the spotmap. Anyway, brake safe.