From streets to stadiums: SkateKeet puts the community on an Olympic podium

Emmy Schouten

Keet Oldenbeuving (19) is preparing for her second Olympics. The European and Dutch champion is looking to add yet another medal to her collection. In this blog, we’ll tell you all about this skateboarding superstar!

Practicing for over a decade

Born and raised in Utrecht, 030 is part of Oldenbeuving’s DNA. Skatekeet started her skateboarding training at 7 years old. She found the old skate gear from her father and started practicing. It was slightly too big and old, but that didn’t stop her from exploring the streets. After some time she saved up enough money for her own board. Together with some of her friends, her skateboarding journey began. She followed skateboarding lessons and quickly became one of the best. Going to skateparks daily and finding inspiration everywhere. Skateboarding beginners and pro’s all inspired young Keet. At 9 years old, she became third at the National Championships for boys under 10. This sparked one of many podium places for the youngster.

Part of the community

Keet is always carrying her board with her. You can find her in skateparks all-around the globe, and of course in Utrecht. Jaarbeursplein Utrecht near the station is one of her favourite skate spots. She thrives on the skateboarding community. “Everybody is happy for you when you land a trick. It is better learning from other this way than watching YouTube tutorials.” It doesn’t matter if it is a beginner or advanced skater. Everybody is there to learn from each other. This sense of community boasts her creativity. A relaxed vibe is essential.

skate community

Style and prizes

This relaxed style really comes through in her skills. She makes it all look effortless. Just take a look at her “Don’t Walk” video:

Her skateboarding skills have earned her multiple prizes over the years. She competed in the World Championships since age 12. At age 15 she became the European Champion street skateboarding. In 2018 she won multiple WCS in Paris and Prague. Although it is not about the prizes for her, she has an impressive collection ;).

It’s all about fun

The most important thing for Keet is freedom. Skateboarding lets her do what she wants, when she wants it. She is not worried about performing or points. All she wants to do is focussing on improving herself and having fun in the progress. Even at this level, skateboarding is all about relaxing! It is not competitive at all. Wether it is a Brazilian or Austrian landing a trick, Keet is the one first to celebrate for them. Enjoying skateboarding comes first, everything else is not important to her.

skate event

Watch her this summer!

On July 28th Keet will hit the concrete in Paris. The street arena is built at Place de la Concorde. It is one of the most iconic urban sights in Paris. All the urban disciplines will compete there this summer. The street skateboarding prelims start at 12:00, and the finals at 17:00. Make sure to keep an eye out for Skatekeet!