Skateboarding on the Paris 2024 Olympics

Emmy Schouten

Skateboarding made its debut in the Tokyo Olympics of 2020! This year, we can watch the urban scene compete for a second time. Paris will host the 2024 Olympic Games. The French capital went all out for the preparation of the event.


Skateboarding will be taking place on the famous Place de la Concorde. It is one of the most famous sights in Paris, apart from the Eiffel Tower ;). They transformed the place into a true urban environment! It is in the heart of the city center. La Concorde will host Basketball 3x3, Breaking, Cycling BMX Freestyle, and Skateboarding. Everything is outdoors so make sure to check the weather forecast. (Bring your sunscreen, water, and a cap :)).

La Concorde


The event will kick off with Men’s street skateboarding on July 27 12:00. What better way to start the Olympics? With favourites like Aurélien Giraud, it is going to be a true show! The final will take place the same evening at 17:00. The next day is for the women to compete. The street skateboarding prelims start Jul 28 at 12:00 and the final at 17:00. In just a few hours, we’ll k ow who’s going to take home the medals ;). Two weeks later the park skateboarders will compete. It’s a bit different from street, but just as sick! This time the women kick off on August 6 12:30, with the final the same day at 17:30. The Men’s Park prelims will start August 7 on 12:30, with the final on 17:30. After that, we’ll know the winners! Who will be the best skateboarders of the world?

(All the times are local - set your clock to Paris time).

Olympic Rings in stadium

What is the difference between Park and Street Skateboarding?

Street Skateboarding

The street skateboarders use a 2/5/3 format. They start off with the run section (2/5/3). Each skater gets 2x 45-second runs to pull off as many trick combos as they can on the course. After that is the trick round. Each skater has 5x tries to nail their best tricks on any object they choose (2/5/3).  A new rule this year is that each skateboarder can choose to scrap one skill. That way if they’re not happy about their performance, they still have a chance!

The jury then rates every run and trick from 0 to 100. They’ll get judged on skills, creativity and overall form. From those runs and tricks, the highest 3 scores are picked (2/5/3). One of those has to be from the run section. Add these up, and there is your score! The street course is made of flat concrete. It is packed with all the obstacles you might find on the street. Think benches, stairs, rails, fences, walls, ledges, and gaps.

Park Skateboarding

Park skaters get 3x 45-second runs. They compete inside a skateboarding bowl with multiple obstacles. It is a super high speed course with extreme heights! The judges will look for style, difficulty, constancy, flow, originality, and how they use the course. They will award points from 0 to 100. After that, the highest score will count. It is a sick show of unique tricks and complex techniques, performed by pro skateboarders.

Skateboarding air trick over barrell

How to get there?

If you were lucky enough to get a ticket, make sure to get there on time! Best way to get to La Concorde is with public transportation. You can take one of these stops:

Auber stop: RER, then a 1000 m walk to reach the venue

Musée d'Orsay stop: RER, then 660 m walk to reach the venue

Palais Royal-Musée du Louvre stop : Metro 1 / 7, then 1 150 m walk to reach the venue

Stop Madeleine : Metro 8 / 12 / 14, then a 450 m walk to reach the venue

Franklin D.Roosevelt stop: Metro 9, then 700 m walk to reach the venue